Want to Beat Bloat? Try These Tips

Want to Beat Bloat? Try These Tips

For many, the most frustrating thing they can ever have to do is beat bloat.  It’s in the belly, and sometimes it even hits the thighs.  It might not always look terrible, but chances are if you’re bloated you can feel it.  You can beat bloat and shed pounds, and feel your best – every single day. These tips can help you beat bloat and start looking trim and fit. There are many reasons why a person might feel bloated, retaining water is one reason.  Water retention can also cause you to weigh more than you might if you weren’t holding extra fluid, so getting rid of excess water weight can truly help.

Another reason that a person can feel bloated is digestive issues.When your digestive tract is struggling to break down some of the foods you eat, it can cause gas and bloating. These tips can help you to get started shedding pounds and also beat bloat right away:Cut back on the amount of sodium that you’re eating.  Studies have recently found that sodium restricted diets may not be as beneficial to people as previously thought when it comes to healthy, but there is still evidence that reducing the amount of sodium a person consumes can help to get rid of some of that extra water weight you might be carrying around.

Just don’t cut back so much that you aren’t getting any sodium at all.It might not seem fair, but cut back on the sugar – today.  Skip the sugary carbohydrate laden snacks and have some fruit instead.  It packs hydrating properties, provides essential nutrition, and since it’s mostly water, won’t stick with your midriff the way other sweet treats can.Speaking of carbohydrates, consider skipping the bread products for a while.  Instead, choose whole grain alternatives, such as Quinoa, and oats, or healthier sources of carbohydrates, such as sweet potatoes and give the yeast laden breads a break.Drink plenty of water and green tea.

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Green tea is a natural diuretic, so if you’re retaining water, this healthy drink can help you to get rid of it.  Don’t overdo it, but enjoy as many as three cups of the incredible antioxidant rich beverage a day and you’ll soon notice that you feel thinner.  Water helps to keep the cells from feeling that they need to retain water, and can help you to feel better in general. With these tips and a healthy diet, you can beat bloat and shed a few pounds so you can look bikini ready, no matter what time of year it is.

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