Want That Dream Body? Train for a Marathon

Want That Dream Body? Train for a Marathon

For many who want a dream body, the best thing they can do is train for a marathon.  The second best thing they can do is actually run the marathon, and reap the feel-good rewards of completing it.  Trainers, health care professionals and many who have struggled with their weight, often say that one of the best ways to shed pounds and get a fabulous, toned body is through marathon training, but what makes it so great?  And should you try it? Train for a marathon for optimal health – and a fantastic body.

Why it’s effective In most cases, marathon training starts about eight months to a year before the event.  This allows time to build strength, and stamina, without risking injuries.  Most of the time, this type of training can be pretty intensive and requires determination, but results come quickly, which encourages people to stick with it. When you train for a marathon, you’ll be working to improve your stamina, which provides an excellent cardio boost and helps you to burn a tremendous amount of calories right away.  Calories burned results in fat loss, and that will help you to see a leaner body in a short amount of time.

This type of training also includes strength workouts, which will help you to become stronger, have more lean muscle, and sculpt the entire body.  Since muscle burns more calories than fat, you’ll also be boosting your overall calorie burn, which will help to get rid of excess fat. For many, the workouts themselves aren’t what make this type of training work.  It’s the fact that at the end of all the hard work; there will be an actual race.  They will have something that they have to do to show that they have worked hard and want to finish what they started. Anyone can do it Anyone can train for – and run a marathon.  Just make sure to set your goals far enough in the future, so you can run and not injure yourself.

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There are many different training plans, and everyone can get started.  No matter if you’re a beginner who hasn’t worked out in ages, or you’ve been working out but have never run a marathon, there is a training plan for you. Consider finding a trainer or starting a group to train with to help you stay even more motivated.  Even training with just one other person can keep you motivated and moving. If you want to get fit like never before, and work for a good cause, then marathon training is a fantastic option for you.

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