Top Five Reasons You’re Not Getting Turned on like You Used To

Top Five Reasons You’re Not Getting Turned on like You Used ToTop Five Reasons You’re Not Getting Turned on like You Used To. Guys does it feel like maybe you’re not getting turned on like you used to?  Do you remember when the thought of those gorgeous legs wrapped around your waist would keep you turned on for days?  You probably couldn’t wait to see her and wow her with your skills, right?  Maybe you used to be able to  knock back a twelve pack and run with the bulls too, but these days maybe it’s just not that easy anymore. If you’re not getting turned on like you used to, the first step is to find out why. First of all, you need to know that you can fix it.  It’s not necessarily a medical problem, and you aren’t losing your groove.

Here are the top five reasons why guys stop getting turned on:

  1. Stress.  Yes, men are affected by stress too, and that headache, backache and general lousy feeling that you might have could be contributing to your feelings of stress and anxiety.  And, let’s face it; when you’re freaking out about the mortgage, chances are the last thing you want to do is – well, worry about your performance.  Take it down a notch by making sure to get enough exercise.  Exercise helps to release endorphins, make you feel better calm feelings of stress.  Go for a run, pick up some time at the gym or take time to play with the kids.
  2. She’s down on you.  Yeah, this one is crucial, and it’s something that should be addressed.   When you’re having relationship troubles, it can be downright tough to get turned on by your significant other.  Start by talking to her and explaining how you’re feeling and see if that helps.  If not, maybe some couples therapy could be in order.
  3. Low T -and other medical issues.  Now, I know this is scary, but it’s true:  sometimes the lack of libido comes from medical problems.  One common issue is Low T.  Or low levels of testosterone.  Other times, conditions such as high blood pressure and the medications we have to take are the cause.  No matter what, if you’re just not feeling right and aren’t getting turned on, it might be time to call the doc.
  4. You’re bored.  Okay, while a good roll in the hay is fun, the same old thing can get boring.  Boredom leads to a lack of interest, so why not try to mix things up a little bit and see what happens.  See if your mate will be open to new things, and maybe even try a weekend away.  You don’t have to be romantic, but it will work wonders for her – and likely encourage new things.
  5. You’re drinking too much.  Yeah, when we were 18, we could drink a Twelver and still go all night.  No more, friends.  Now, when we drink too much, we might suffer from – um – performance problems.  It’s cool, don’t worry about it, just try to lay off a little bit and see if that helps to improve the problem. No, these aren’t a cure all.  You might have to get a little creative with your thinking and imagination to actually get there, but in the end, you’ll be happier, healthier, sleep better, feel more confident and even improve your relationship.
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