Tips for Attaining the Highest Level Of Happiness in your Life

HappinessMost individuals strive throughout their lives to attain happiness. This may come from furthering their career, being in a successful relationship, or by building a family. Most people know what they want in life to make them happy, however, most individuals also are not aware of the things that could possibly bring them unhappiness. Family Above All Else For Happiness One of the most important aspects of a person’s life is their family. Families make us feel loved and cared for, while serving a purpose for others as well. Family members are comparable to the framing of a building. Without them, our lives lack structure and support. It is important to keep our loved ones close to us, and never take for granted what we have. This is why we should always respect our loved ones, and never take advantage of them.

Be a good son or daughter and support your parents as they age. Discuss with them their fears and concerns and let them know you will always be there to support them in anything they do and in their times of need. Be a dependable and honest sibling. Help your brothers and sisters during their pregnancies, divorces, marriages, illnesses and careers. Never betray them, speak badly of them or be jealous of them because this may ultimately lead to the breakup of your family. Almost everyone has heard horror stories of family members that lie and deceive each other for their own personal gain and advancement. This ultimately breaks families apart and leaves scars that never fully heal. Without family, you will feel empty and lonely, so mend your broken relationships and care for your loved ones.

Friendships Promote Happiness & Contentment in Life There is nothing like the feeling of being able to rely on someone no matter what. Friends fill voids in our lives that family and significant others cannot fill. There are individuals who we trust, that are our confidantes in times of need. This being said, it is so important to care and respect our friends just as we would family members. Talking behind each others backs is a form of disloyalty and essentially treason to the relationship. You will find out very quickly that if you are an individual who loves gossip, then you will quickly run out of friends. Be there for you friends in their most important and desperate times of need during deaths, breakups, pregnancies and any other life altering and world shaking events. No one wants a fair-weather friend, which are friends that never really want to help you through your problems or are there for when you need them because they are too absorbed in themselves and their own lives.

If your friend needs honest advice on something, then do not throw them a handful of white lies that make them feel better. It is always better to be honest with someone, and allow them get angry, then to lie and completely ruin the friendship. It is difficult to find friends that you trust and know that they will be in your lives forever, especially for important events. Friendships are ultimately like relationships, both parties need to put in what they expect to get out of it or else they are not a true friend. If the relationship is one sided, most likely the person is using you, which will lead to exhaustion, stress and unhappiness in the long run. Healthy Relationships Make the world Go Round  Every person at some point in their lives wants to find some that can love and can love them back. There is nothing like the feeling of being with someone that makes you euphoric with joy and happiness. Relationships are complicated, but without them, we find empty holes in our soul that are void, which ultimately leads to unhappiness.

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This is most likely why many individuals say, “It is better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all”. It is easy to find someone that meets our sexual needs, but not so easy to find someone that meets our emotional needs. This is why when you are looking for that special someone; you should establish a relationship built on trust and respect. Without trust and respect, a relationship is simply destined to fail. This means simply that you should treat each other as you would want to be treated. If you are in a monogamous relationship, then by no means are infidelities acceptable. This will indefinitely lead to both parties unhappiness by making it difficult to every trust or respect the significant other or the next person that may come into their lives after the break up.

If one partner in the relationship has been unfaithful, there is no way to tell if the relationship can ever move forward. A good guideline for something that is inappropriate with someone other than your significant other is anything you would not do with a business partner such as a handshake of brief hug.  Relationships that are based on cheating are based on lies and betrayal. Relationships can be mended after one of the individuals has cheated, however the relationship may never be them same after. If your significant other is not meeting those needs than it is essentially time to go your separate ways and start over. A relationship should be based on the love that each person has for one another. If you want to attain happiness in your life, than avoid relationships that involve abuse.

This may be emotional abuse (verbal), physical abuse or sexual abuse. Abuse should never become part of a relationship nor should anyone ever “deserve” to be abused. Astonishingly, many women or men who are in abusive relationships look at abuse as a normal part of their lives and feel that it is something they did to deserve it. Ultimately, there is no excuse for any forms of abuse in a relationship and individuals who are victims of domestic abuse have higher rates of drug use, alcohol use, depression, anxiety, and suicide. Individuals who are abused are indefinitely not happy, so if you suspect there is abuse in your relationship, then leave the relationship or get help immediately. Education and Career Provide Gratification  For most people, a background in education and having a career they enjoy makes them feel like a productive and contributing factor to society. Going to ours jobs makes us feel like we are accomplishing a goal and generating an income for ourselves and families.

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Not saying that money can buy you happiness, but realistically, have you ever seen a happy homeless person? Money and income create a means to our ends that we want to attain throughout our lives. This may be the reason why people who do not have or have an education or career they do not enjoy are ultimately unhappy. Because most of us spend a significant amount of time at our jobs, this usually determines in general if we are happy or unhappy. It is difficult to wake up everyday, and go to place that we hate and despise, and come home happy at the end of the day. It is important to realize the world is full of opportunity and advancement. If you do not enjoy what you are doing with your life or the direction your career is headed, then change it. You can always go back to school or enroll in training programs that can provide you with the knowledge and skills to start fresh. If you do what you love, and love what you do, then you will ultimately attain happiness in your life.

You are the only person that can write your own story of your life and no one else is responsible for it but you. Despite a terrible divorce, an abusive upbringing or experience, lack of an education or a career you enjoy, you can change it based on your drive and determination. Life is simply complicated; it comes with no directions, roadmaps or GPS’s.  This is why our lives are more or less trail and error. We try different relationships and careers and if they do not work out, we change directions and start fresh. Change is the most important aspect of ultimately attaining happiness. Keep your family, friends and loved ones close to you, and never take those relationships for granted. Avoid gossiping and other dangerous behaviors such as cheating, lying and deceiving. If you do this throughout your life, then you will find, you will be short of friends, a lack of family support, and possibly never feel true love.

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