Smoking is Your Heart’s Biggest Enemy

smokingSmoking is Your Heart’s Biggest Enemy. Among many risk factors that can be the cause for diseases of the cardiovascular system, smoking is one of the most potential risks that can trigger the occurrence of a life-threatening disease. When a person smokes cigarettes, his heart rate is increased and his lungs don’t receive the amount of oxygen they should. Even though smoking is a very bad habit for your health, it is never too late to give up. While you smoke, you risk of developing serious unwanted health conditions, therefore by quitting you will prevent all these undesirable diseases. Recently, a research based on smoking and the effects it has on one’s health has been developed.

The researchers were also interested in the fact that a lot of people that quit smoking had easily gained weight, so they wanted to find out whether gaining weight after quitting cigarettes can rectify your condition or worsen it. The newest study’s lead author is Carole Clair. Clair and her team had decided to separate all the data they had into four mini-studies. All the participants and the changes in their bodies were followed by the researchers for six years. The participants were also classified into four main categories- smoker, applicants that have recently quit smoking cigarettes, applicants that have quit smoking cigarettes for a long period and non-smokers. By doing this study, the researchers came up with some interesting results. I

n general, the participants have gained about 6 pounds during four years of the research. The participants that belonged in the smokers group that quit smoking recently and long-term quitter categories had a tremendously good percentage of lower risk of cardiovascular diseases. The ones that recently quit had a 53% lower risk, and the applicants that have quit smoking for a longer period of time had 54% lower risk of developing a cardiovascular disease. What is very important to know is that the correct time when all the participants have stopped smoking is impossible to know. Therefore, some of the information that the participants had given might not be hundred percent correct.

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Also, when a person that smokes on a daily basis tries to quit smoking, he can go through many different phases before he becomes a long-term quitter. In general, smokers try to quit smoking not once, but many times. By reviewing this study based on smoking and the cardiovascular diseases it can cause, we realize that the risk of getting an unwanted health condition related to the cardiovascular system is lower. Basically, the point of this study was to try and come up with statistics that will show people that smoke worldwide that weight gain after quitting cigarettes does not play a major part in getting a cardiovascular disease. Therefore, it is much better for smokers to stop smoking as fast as they could, because the weight gain afterwards is not risky for their health, unlike smoking, which is a habit that can have an exceedingly negative effect of a

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