Report Claims Salt Reduction in Diet May Not Be So Beneficial

Report Claims Salt Reduction in Diet May Not Be So Beneficial

Report Claims Salt Reduction in Diet May Not Be So Beneficial. When it comes to eating a healthy diet, there is always the given that consuming too much salt is not healthy. However, a new report makes claims that reducing one’s salt intake may not be as beneficial as everyone thinks. In fact, reducing the amount of sodium you consume too much can do the exact opposite. The average recommended “healthy amount” of sodium/salt that one should consume daily is 2,300 mg, and… for those individuals who suffer from illnesses such as hypertension, kidney disease, and diabetes- they should decrease their sodium amounts to about 1,500 milligrams in a single day.

However, experts from the Institute of Medicine conducted a study which has concluded that the “evidence on direct health outcomes does not support recommendations to lower sodium intake … to or even below 1,500 mg per day.” In addition, the chairman of the panel, Brian Strom also stated: “The net conclusion is that people who are eating too much sodium should lower their sodium, but it is possible that if you lower it too much you may do harm.” Strom also noted that more extensive research is required to get a more-detailed understanding of how low-sodium diets may impact us.

What works and is harmful to some is not for others, and that is just a formula they are going to have to crack. There has been much criticism and scrutiny of what the report is claiming by critics, health experts, the World Health Organization, and the American Heart Association as statistics state that hypertension caused by too much salt intake can cause death. As Johns Hopkins University Health Expert, Lawrence Appel stated in an email: “Sodium reduction remains a critically important component of public health efforts designed to … prevent cardiovascular disease,”

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Appel points out that the studies that suggest that low-sodium diets are harmful tend to focus on “sick populations in which illness leads to low sodium intake rather than the reverse.” Director of nutrition for Science in Public Interest, Bonnie Liebman also remarks that: “Americans are eating way too much salt, on average about 3,400 milligrams a day. And we know that much is harmful. It increases blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.”a So the bottom line is we get more harm from consuming too much salt, then harm from consuming too little, that is especially the case for we Americans- who have a supple variety of foods that are packed with sodium-  which are causing health risks that can clearly be prevented by limiting salt intake closely.

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