Juicing – Essential Health Tool or Too Much Hype?

JuicingJuicing – Essential Health Tool or Too Much Hype? Juicing is a trend that has hit the news a lot lately.  Some say that a juicing cleanse can be all a person needs to shed unwanted pounds, kick start the immune system and feel healthier than ever before.  Others say that juicing is a disaster in a glass and that choosing this method for anything could be downright unhealthy for the body. Juicing may be a great way to get essential nutrients you may be missin in your diet So, who’s right and who’s wrong?  Should people be enjoying this trend even more than they do, or is it something that people should avoid at all costs? The benefits According to Livestrong.com, using a juice extractor has many different benefits, not the least of which includes helping people to get more of the essential vitamins and minerals that they need.

Juicing is reportedly good for helping to cleanse the body of toxins, which can aid in overall digestive function. It is also said that juicing can help people to shed some extra pounds.  Many times, juicing is recommended for people that want to lose a quick 10 pounds because it happens quickly.  However, when used just as a way to get essential fruit and vegetable nutrition, people may find that they enjoy the flavor and texture of juice more than eating the fruit or vegetables. The risks While the benefits of juicing may seem self evident, many claim that the same health benefits can be obtained by getting a wide variety into the produce daily.  According to WebMD, juicing isn’t as great for people as the claims say.

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One of the biggest problems is that even when juiced at home, fruits and veggies lose some of their nutrition because only the juice comes out of the plant, and many of the health benefits are found in the pulp of the food. Another problem for many is that calories from juice actually add up, even when there is no sugar added, and for those working to lose weight added calories might not be what they want. Some even say that juice fasting might not be good for any sustained amount of time because people don’t get the proper amount of fiber and protein;  these are essential nutrients for the body, and too long without them can cause other health problems. So, is juicing the only way to get truly healthy and detox?

Is juicing really the best way to shed pounds in a hurry?  Maybe adding some freshly blended, not juiced fruits and veggies can add much needed nutrients to the diet, but juicing alone might not be the best option. The bottom line: for those that want to lose weight, juicing can help to shed pounds, but the weight that people lose is likely water weight.  A healthy diet, with juice in the mix may be a better option. For those who want to detox the body, juicing may be a good way to do it, but know that the proof is in how those that try this method feel and there is no scientific evidence showing that it has a detoxifying effect. Ultimately, if a person wants to try to juice, then it probably isn’t unhealthy for the short term, but for the long term, juicing should be enjoyed as part of a healthy overall diet.

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