Insanity Workout Review: It’s Insanely Effective

Insanity Workout ReviewInsanity Workout Review: It’s Insanely Effective. If you have ever had a night of  relentless insomnia, then you have probably caught a glimpse or two of a late night infomercial on T.V.- in regards to a hard core workout that is getting everyone skinny, ripped, and sculpted- Insanity.What is Insanity?   Insanity is referred to as one of the hardest workouts that has ever been made and produced on DVD. And it has grown even more popular than that of its predecessor- P90x. Insanity is consisted of 10 highly intense workout discs which renowned fitness trainer Shaun T. walks viewers through a series of MAX interval exercises such as ab and core drills, plyometric moves, and continuous intervals of movements that improve stamina, build strength, and that ultimately pushes the body beyond all boundaries.How the Insanity Program Works  It is a proven science that interval training works hard-core to help sculpt muscles and burn fat.

Well, in Shaun T’s Insanity workout- he takes interval training to the highest notch by extreme measures. These 10 workouts are packed to the brim with MAX intervals which require an individual to push their body to its ultimate limits with little pause in between periods of long and consistent max-intensity exercises. The program promises to challenge you in ways that you have never been, and also to provide you with the best body to prove how hard you worked to get it. Insanity workouts can burn up to 1000 calories per session!Breakdown of the 10 Insanity Video WorkoutsDig deeper and fit testPlyometric cardio circuitCardio power and resistance Cardio recoveryPure cardio and cardio absCore cardio and BalanceMax Interval circuit and fit testMax interval plyoMax cardio conditioning and cardio absMax recoveryThe Truth Behind the MADNESS Insanity is not one of those fly by night workout programs, that require you to do little, and it does not make any false claims that you’ll get the hard body you want with ease.

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It’s real and “in your face” when it comes to making you work for what rewards and benefits you will reap when you accomplish your fitness goals while your body is being driven to it’s highest limits. In fact, Insanity should not be taken lightly and if you are not willing to work for an awesome body and fitness level- then you may as well not even attempt it. Why Insanity is SO POPULAR Here are some of Insanity Users Comments about the Workout Program: “I’ve completed my 60-day Insanity workout review and took a couple of weeks to reflect on the, well, insanity I’ve put my body through over the last two months. And the time, pain, expense and effort is definitely worth it to have a rock-hard body and improve your overall fitness!” – Marissa, Calorie Lab “The workouts were HARD.  I really enjoyed the intensity and I really liked that Shaun T. actually did the moves WITH everyone.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when DVD trainers (Jillian Michaels, I’m talking to you!) don’t do the entire workout “with” you and just spend their time correcting everyone’s form.  That’s important, but it’s also important to feel like the trainer can do the workout they’re “making” you do.”- Heather, “After doing some research on products that would help me and my fiancee stay fit and lose weight for my wedding that is in 10 months, I came across insanity. This 60 day total workout is awesome so far! As of now I lost 3 pounds and my fiancee lost 8 pounds. The only secret to insanity’s success would be staying dedicated. Never miss a day, and push yourself. Shawn T is a great coach and watching the other people in the video make you feel like your at a gym taking a workout class.

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I recommend insanity to anyone who wants to get in shape and lose weight in a healthy way. Insanity you rock!“- Jenn, AmazonBottom Line: Insanity: Works Insanely if You Put in the Effort If you are willing to work hard, and get through all the workouts to build your fitness levels up to extremes, then Insanity is a powerful weight loss and muscle building strategy to use.  Everyone who is taking the Insanity challenge is talking about how they went from flabby and unfit to strong and having beautifully carved muscles. You can achieve real results if you understand that it is not going to be a peice of cake. With endurance, and perseverence though if you are ready to have the body you have always dreamed of- then Insanity is definitely worth your while!

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