How to Make Your Diet Plan Work For You

Diet Plan

How to Make Your Diet Plan Work For You. If you are serious about starting a diet plan, there are some simple guidelines that you should follow.  Plan ahead, set realistic goals, goals you truly feel you can attain.  This is key to a successful plan.  Setting unrealistic goals and then not reaching them can cause you to feel as you are a failure.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  You have made a very important decision and a myriad of tools are available to help you. The first and the most obvious thing to do is to look at what you are eating.  Y

ou should be consuming a diet that is well balanced and nutritional.  You do not need to get all caught up in the specifics of your diet plan.  Just start by counting calories.  Experts have recommended that your calorie intake should be 11 times your weight.  For example, if you weigh 150 lbs, your calorie intake should be 1,650 calories per day. Eat breakfast.  Get your body nourished in the morning and rev up those calorie burners. Commit to eating at least 4 small meals a day.

Keep lots of fresh fruits and low fat foods around. Eat a healthy snack between meals, so your body doesn’t go for more than 4 hours without a boost.  We don’t want the fire in those calorie burners burning out now do we?  Eat slower.  Studies have shown that if you eat slower, not only will you will eat less and be less hungry, you will also digest your food better. Avoid foods high in fat and calories. Yes, I know that is all the good stuff.  Hamburgers, fried foods and potato chips are my favorite too.

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I know this is easier said than done but it is true nonetheless.  Foods high in sugar should be avoided as well.  Yes, that includes the pop-tart and the pie (even if it is a fruit pie) not just the candy bar.  The key word in this is to avoid, not necessarily to deprive.  Be extra cautious with oil, butter and margarine as they are total fat. Plan your meals around healthier foods such as whole grains, beans, low-fat dairy products, low-fat meat, fish and poultry. Remember, it isn’t just what you eat but how you fix it.  Chicken, fixed properly, is a good and healthy meal, as we all know.  Deep fry that same chicken and you have lost the good and healthy part.  Your weight loss plan must include a variety of fruits and vegetables.  Just eating a bowlful of grapes everyday isn’t going to work.  Try starting with at 5 servings a day of vegetables and fruit. The real recipe for any successful weight loss plan is to make good choices.

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