Does Everyone Need to Work Out?

Does Everyone Need to Work Out?

Does Everyone Need to Work Out? It seems that everything we hear and see reports that everyone needs to work out, but is this honestly the case?  Many health care professionals recommend that people get at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise at least three times a week.   No problem for lots of people, but others, especially those that have jobs that can be physical may find that they have a hard time meeting that quota.  So, what activities count as a “working out,” and does one have to do a specific “work out” routine to stay fit? Sometimes, living active can have the same results as the daily workout. What counts as a workout? A brisk 30 – 45 minute walk counts as a workout; as long as a person feels that they are working hard enough that they can talk, but struggle to carry on a conversation.

Running, without question, is a workout. But, what about the person who works retail and finds that their day is filled with constant running to the storage room and helping customers?  Does that count as a workout?  Is it still necessary to do that extra workout after work, then?  What about the waitress working a heavy shift?  Chances are if the work a person does has them working hard, and continuously, it might not be so critical to put in that extra time with the cardio exercise. How about that week of never ending yard work that has to be done?  Or, mowing the lawn?  In fact, both of these activities count as workouts, and; in fact, depending on the projects being done, they might fit into the Crossfit workout category, which will help to build strength, tone and burn calories all at the same time.

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Does everyone have to work out? All this information brings us back to the question:  does everyone need to work out?  The answer may be no.  Every one’s fitness level varies, and ultimately, many experts believe that in order to maintain a healthy body weight and avoid many health issues, people should get about 60 minutes of exercise each day. While living an active life full of cardio activities might be enough to allow the exercises to be skipped, it’s essential to focus on strength a couple of times a week to build fat burning muscle and prevent bone loss as people age. It might also be beneficial to do the cardio workout and then maintain an active lifestyle if the goal is weight loss.

So, do we all actually have to work out to maintain optimal health?  Some will argue that working out forces people to focus on the movements of their bodies.  It can help to prevent injuries, and ensure that the optimal level of exertion is reached.   Additionally, those who want to focus on sculpting and toning their bodies may want to incorporate strength exercises and other activities such as Yoga or Pilates to achieve their goals. All in all, what keeps you going may be a diverse blend of activities that you love, all performed at a moderate to brisk pace that gets your heart pumping for a half hour or more, and some good, solid workouts that help you to focus on the movements you do and the results that you see.

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