Alternative Medicine – Another Hotbed of Health Fanatics?

Alternative Medicine – Another Hotbed of Health Fanatics?Alternative Medicine – Another Hotbed of Health Fanatics? When it comes to alternative medicine, it seems that some very good intentions and practices have become overblown and pushed to the limits.  Self proclaimed specialists are pumping the world full of their theories and ideas, but remarkably few actually have the credentials to back all this supposed “knowledge” up. Alternative medicine is a gift – when it’s used correctly Add this to the rising cost of medical care, a general distrust of pharmaceutical companies and an overflow of people being prescribed unnecessary medications, and it’s no wonder that any person out there can write a book about their theories and sell it.

Alternative medicine is brilliant, and when combined with the modern advances of Western medicine, it may well hold the key for ultimate good health and healing, but there are some practicalities that need to be addressed. Take books that focus on the diet as a way to cure cancer.  Really?  One in particular (which I will not name, because it could be slanderous), states that when a person works to neutralize their body’s pH levels, they can effectively kill the cancer cells in their body.  Well, I looked for studies supporting this information and guess what?  There is none.

In fact, the body naturally regulates its pH levels by making changes that our waking mind doesn’t even realize.  If your pH is off you might breathe more rapidly or slowly; your hemoglobin may be used to clean up excess hydrogen in your body, and your kidneys will work a little harder.  This information was written by Stephanie Vangsness, R.D., L.D.N..  She is with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and her credentials can be verified. Oh, and her article was also reviewed by the Harvard Medical School Faculty at the beginning of 2013.  Hm…  And this alternative solution to fighting cancer?  Reviewed by no-one.  The author has a background in business management.

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Yeah.  That’s where I’m going to get my health information.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not discounting that some of her theories are good.  I’m not saying that a person cannot achieve better health when embracing the dietary changes she recommends, but a coffee enema?  Not in this lifetime, thank you!  It sounds kooky, and it may do more harm than good. My point is that people should check the source of the information they get.  They should never, ever, choose to go off the treatment that they have chosen with their health care provider unless another approach is discussed and endorsed.  In the case of the book with the name that I have not mentioned, how many people have died because they believed the theories of someone that doesn’t have the knowledge to back it up?

Likely more than the author would care to count. When it comes to serious illnesses such as cancer, it’s worrisome that people fighting for their lives would put what remains in the hands of someone with a background in business management.  Even alternative health professionals will tell you when it’s time to seek the assistance of modern medicine. Maybe the better option is to choose a healthy balance between alternative and mainstream, and knowing when to seek the assistance of one, the other, or both.

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