Aerobics Protects the Brain from Negative Effects of Alcohol

AerobicsAerobics Protects the Brain from Negative Effects of Alcohol. — Researchers from the Colorado University decided to develop a study based on the connection between aerobics and the recurrent consumption of alcoholic beverages. It turns out that aerobic exercises can help us prevent serious brain diseases that usually come about after years of consuming alcohol. One of the graduates from this particular university stated that aerobic exercises can have an immensely positive effect on a person’s ability to learn and memorize things more rapidly than before. The Colorado University graduate Caroly tried to find out more about all the advantages that come from aerobic exercise.

Also, Caroly and her team tried to find out more about the relation between aerobics and consuming alcoholic beverages on a regular basis. According to her, physical activities such as aerobic exercise are actually helping us protect our body and are keeping out cognitive health in a good state even when we grow older. Caroly also said that by doing aerobic exercise, you might be helping your brain not to become too damaged from all the alcohol that you have been drinking in the past few decades. The team that was working on this specific study asked 60 people to take part of the research. Some of them were heavy drinkers, and some of them were moderate alcohol drinkers, but they all had one thing in common- all of them enjoyed drinking alcoholic beverages.

There were more male applicants than female- about 37 of the applicants were male and 23 applicants were women. All of the applicants had to take a test that is very well known across America. It is called “Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test”. This test helps researchers find out whether the participants that took the test are showing signs of precarious, unwanted behavior. The team that was working on this study found a strong link between the drinking, exercising and health state of the applicants. The applicants that did not enjoy working out at all and drank alcohol more than their peers had worse results.

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Their white matter health was not as good as it should be, at least not for their age. However, the other applicants that were regularly doing some sort of physical exercise but also drank alcohol, did not suffer from seriously damaged white matter health. One of the researchers stated that people who are fond of drinking alcohol should start doing aerobic exercises regularly if they want to recuperate their white matter health which is extremely important if they are getting older. Nevertheless, the researchers also stated that by doing this specific research based on the strong link between heavy alcohol consumption and aerobic exercise, they are not trying to make individuals believe that all the damage that has been already caused in their brain can be repaired just by doing a couple of aerobic exercises per a week. However, even though all the damage cannot be repaired, this study can help individuals realize how important their white matter health is and that heavy drinking can only lead to unwanted severe health issues.

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