Advocare 24 Day Challenge – Should You Try It?

Advocare 24 Day Challenge – Should You Try It

Advocare 24 Day Challenge – Should You Try It? Advocare 24 Day Challenge is one of many diet and fitness programs to hit the shelves of late, and for the many who want to kick-start their metabolism and get on the path to a better overall body and adopt a healthier lifestyle, this may be the option they have been seeking. Advocare 24 Day Challenge may be what many need to kick start their weight loss efforts Spring is knocking at the door, and that means that before long, we’ll all be wearing body-baring summer clothes.  For many, summer is a time to shed the layers and enjoy the weather, but for the many that need to lose weight or do not feel good about their bodies, summer can be agonizing.

It’s time to get in shape and shed those unwanted winter pounds, but what should be done to help ease feelings of hunger and allow people to meet their goals more easily? What is it? The Advocare 24 Day Challenge is a comprehensive program that uses Cleanse, healthy eating, supplements and meal replacement plans to help people kick start their bodies and begin losing weight. It is a two phase program, and for many, the results start away with the Cleanse phase.  Unlike other cleanse programs, where users cut way down on the calories that they consume and drink only liquids for harsh results, the Advocare cleanse consists of supplements, healthy eating guides and exercise to help users gently and comfortably cleanse their body of toxins and prepare for the next stage of the diet.

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The second stage of this diet is the Max phase.  In this stage, users will choose what the company claims are satisfying meal replacement shakes, with supplements to help ensure that users have peak amounts of energy and feel fantastic throughout the entire diet. Does it work, and is it safe? These should be the two questions that people ask themselves before they begin any type of diet program, and the same is true in this situation.  Many have had remarkably positive results from proper use of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, and they have managed to keep the weight off even after they go off the diet.

That could be due to changes in eating that people choose to make. For most, this diet should be a safe option, especially since it primarily focuses on healthy eating options and exercise.  However, it is beneficial to talk to your health care provider regarding this or any type of diet if you have questions. Bottom Line While losing weight may seem priceless to many, the fact is that many budgets simply will not allow for the cost of a 24 day weight loss system such as this one.  Prices for the diet bundle start at around $189, so for some this may not be the right option. For those that can afford it and are willing to pay for the program, then this may be an extremely effective option for getting in shape, losing weight and looking fabulous.  After all, looking great on the beach is priceless.

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