The Real Reason People Work Out

The Real Reason People Work Out

It’s time for a bit of truth on the reason people work out.  We tell ourselves that we break a sweat for our hearts, and lungs.  Maybe it’s to protect the joints, or to shed pounds, but let’s be real:  the reason people work out is to look hot.  Hot at any age.  Hot where you can look in the mirror and see a sculpted, fit body. The real reason people work out may have nothing to do with health. At least, that’s why I work out.  I know that my workouts will likely not banish every ounce of cellulite that I carry, but it will help to minimize it.

 I’m pretty sure I can’t make myself into a tall, Amazonian goddess with my exercise routine.  My workouts aren’t going to totally eliminate my stretch marks caused from having borne two children, but I know that they keep me in the running when it comes to getting checked out. Yeah, it’s shallow, and I know that I should be more enthused about the fact that I’m working wonders on my heart and saving my bones from osteoporosis, but the fact is that my husband likes a perky tush.  I get a little rush when a stranger’s eyes linger on that glimpse of my collar bone, and the curve of my waist.

I’m not perfect by any means.  But I know that I’m more attractive because I work out, and it’s what keeps me going. Lots of people start working out because they have decided that it’s time to shed some pounds and begin building a beautiful body.  Maybe they are tired of the pooch, and they want to see what they can make their bodies do, maybe they want to finally wear those smaller jeans (they don’t cost less, but they look incredible). Only after people start working out and seeing results do they begin to consider how fantastic they feel.  Usually, it takes time to realize that not only are friends and family telling you that you look terrific, but your arms are remarkably strong.

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Or that your back doesn’t hurt, and you’ve eliminated the dreaded muffin top. For some, it’s that moment when they realize that even that holiday party cheat can’t sabotage the way they look because they work out. The point is we are vain creatures – almost all of us.  Working out helps to keep us feeling happy about ourselves, because it makes our bodies into something that we can be proud to display, no matter what time of year it is.  Ask any woman how it feels to slip into that little black dress with no need for slimming undergarments how it feels, and you’ll begin to truly understand the “why” of the work out. So, here’s what I suggest:  start it – the work out – for you.  Start it for how it looks, for you, and after a while, consider how your whole body feels.  It’s great for you, but it looks fabulous on you.

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