We here are have hand-picked some of the best journalists in the field, and are proud to introduce you to our exceptional team of writers that make it possible for you to have the latest and best news coverage in the health industry:

me3Tony Carter: A Florida native and fitness enthusiast, Tony Carter is well-versed in the health and weight loss niche. Anthony has over 10 years experience writing in this field – from columnist for local Florida “Health & Wellness” periodicals all the way to a regular contributor to a number of popular U.K. health and diet-specific websites. Anthony brings a unique perspective to his coverage of news stories on numerous topics in the areas of health and weight loss; his strengths are clearly demonstrated in his writing and reporting style, which is real, accurate, and sometimes strongly opinionated. He prides himself on producing news stories that cover health and weight loss in such a way that you will not need another resource to get the full story. Contact Tony at


Heidi authorHeidi Shepard: Heidi was born and raised in Vero Beach, Florida. At a very young age she discovered her passion for writing, and graduated in 1996 from Florida State University with a major in journalism and minor in Nursing. She is a licensed RN part-time and also works full-time writing for various local health journals and papers. She is a definite asset to Newhealthalert. Not only does her experience and passion show through her keen writing, but her expertise in the medical field enables her to capture the best news topics and subjects found in the health niche.  Contact Heidi at



Jasmina NHAJasmina Langley:  Jasmina Langley has recently moved from Macedonia to explore life in the paradise Peninsula of the United States, Florida. She currently has a home in Starke, Florida and is aspiring to be a hard-core journalist. She is savvy with her words, but has a unique way of getting the point of across in a conversational tone which people are drawn to. She has written for several other popular websites on the Internet, but we are very proud to have her outstanding talents loyal to our needs for  She also is a journalists for a few other websites throughout the Internet. She will be capturing the news in all of our various health categories, and will not hold back when it comes to bringing you the best reviews, news posts, and information. Contact Jasmina at


MelMelissa Krosby- Melissa Krosby currently lives in Gainesville, Florida and has a myriad of experience in writing expos and articles on various niches. As an expert journalist and editor she started her career in High School as the newspaper and yearbook director and graduated from the University of Southern Florida in English. Throughout her career her work has been published in thousands of well-known media outlets.However, she finds the best source for her expanding her skills is that of experience, in depth research, and relating to what readers like. Melissa is savvy with fitness, health, and diet articles as you will find she definitely has a way with words and keeping the readers interest.  Contact Melissa at


Heather imageHeather Nelson- Heather Nelson graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in journalism. She has an impressive portfolio as her works have been previously featured in several health journals and local newspapers in the Sunshine State. She takes health reporting to a new level with factual relation to what readers want and need to know . Having spent the last decade working all over the Internet as a freelancer writer, she is ecstatic that she has the opportunity to work with the Newhealthalert team to bring the best news, commentary, and information to the publi on a global scale. Contact Heather at:



Lisa NHALisa Cramer- Lisa Cramer is a newbie writer that is on the verge of becoming a very talented journalist. Her passion for writing has always been kindred to her heart. But, her recent career change in the medical field has led her to us. And now finally she is pursuing  her deepest passion of covering health news, and advancing as a professional journalist. She is ecstatic about being a part of and will make it her mission to provide readers on the site with “real facts” and deep insight into the latest breaking health news around the world. Contact Lisa at




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