Portion Controlled Diets Prove Very Effective for Weight Loss

Portion Controlled Diets Prove Very Effective for Weight Loss

Portion Controlled Diets Prove Very Effective for Weight Loss. Recent data collected from a study shows that participants who used  portion-controlled diets such as Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and Medifast lost double the weight in comparison to those who chose other diet options. These conclusions inspired researchers to delve deeper into how pre-packaged diets can be so beneficial for dieters who aspire effective weight loss results. It only makes sense as diets such as these pre-count calories, are convenient for fast-paced lives, and have no-fuss systems which make pursuing weight loss convenient for individuals. However, let us look farther to conduce our own conclusion on the matter.

Portion-Controlled Diets: The Advantages The study explored the eating habits of people participating in portion-controlled diets. Portion-controlled diets are often based around pre-packed meals. Some encourage supplementing the meals with fresh fruits and vegetables, even dairy products, but the main goal of the eating plan is to control the amount of calories consumed each day. The diets push participants to each every three hours. This regulated blood sugar levels, energy and hormone levels, which provided extra health benefits. Such diets appeared to also kick-start metabolisms too. More Satisfaction on Fewer Calories Research discovered that participants felt full and satisfied throughout the day, even though for many dieters they were eating less than half the amount of calories they would normally eat.

The diets that used shakes as meal replacements were nutritionally sound. They provided participants the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for optimal health. Most shakes also contained extra dietary fiber to aid digestive health and regularity, as well as creating a feeling of fullness. Portion-controlled, packaged-diets also provided dieters education, support and a rigid structure. When combined with a good variety in menu choices, dieters found it easy to meet their weight-loss goals. Eating regularly also helped dieters avoid unhealthy food choices and binge eating. Meals were easy and quick to prepare which made it easy for working people to take a healthy lunch to work each day.

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There are many portion-controlled diets available. Here are five popular choices:Medifast Biggest Loser Meal Plan Jenny Craig Direct Nutrisystem eDiets Weight Watchers Regardless of which meal plan you follow, they all preach the same good news. You have to eat regularly to lose weight. All of the above programs strongly suggest eating every three hours. A portion-controlled, weight-loss program helps participants to recognize the foods that are healthy and low in calories. By eating good whole foods and snacking regularly, drinking plenty of water and participating in regular exercise, portion-controlled programs are a wonderful way to develop new eating habits and to embrace a new way of life.

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