Losing Weight Made Easy; Just In Time for Bikini Season

Losing Weight Made Easy; Just In Time for Bikini Season

Losing Weight Made Easy; Just In Time for Bikini Season. Losing weight can often feel like an uphill battle.  There are many different gimmicks, supplements and “special” diets for people to try, but they don’t always work.  Too many failures and people begin to give up the idea of ever enjoying wearing a bikini, but it is possible to shed pounds and keep them off. Bikini season is here; maybe it’s time to lose some weight. These top tips from Dr. Oz, can help to boost weight loss now, and make it easier to keep the pounds off later on:

Get friendly with foods.  Salmon can help to boost the way the body burns fat, and nuts provide essential protein and nutrients.  Oats can help keep that satisfied feeling all day long, and enjoying veggies and fruits that are in season can help boost the flavor and provide more enjoyment.  Learning to cook without frying is also a fantastic technique to help boost weight loss.

  1. Instead of a scale, consider using a tape measure.  It takes the pressure off when it comes to pounds and when women aim for a healthfully thin 32.5 inches, and men for about 35 inches or less around the waist and meet the goal, it’s easier to maintain healthy habits.
  2. Give up artificial sugars.  They can be found in pop, juice and many of those favorite baked goods.  Skip it in the coffee and tea, too.  Sugar can add unwanted pounds, so enjoy them sparingly.
  3. Low fat plain yogurt with berries can be a powerful energy boost before a workout.  Get creative with the fruits that are added, and then get out and enjoy some activity.
  4. A brisk walk before dinner or lunch can help to cut down on the unhealthy food choices that so many people make.  Instead of a dinner high in saturated fats, sodium and preservatives, the added exercise can help to keep healthy food choices at the front of the mind.
  5. Change the way food is enjoyed.  Raw veggies can be boring, but sauteing some in some olive oil and garlic can be a tasty treat any time.  Baking apple slices can be a fantastic alternative to potato chips, and for those that can’t do without the chips, consider homemade sweet potato chips.
  6. Skip the cream sauces and try homemade salsas, chutneys, and even bean and vegetable dips such as hummus.  These are all tasty, and they offer the chance to enjoy healthy fats, plus the nutrients of fresh veggies.
  7. Breakfast is key.  Those that want to lose weight, or maintain their weight loss results know that eating a healthy breakfast can help people to eat less throughout the day.
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Don’t rule out healthy egg meals, either.  Scramble a couple with spinach, tomatoes and other veggies for a flavorful start to the day. Also, in order to look thin and stay that way, avoid foods that cause bloating and gas, such as broccoli and carbonated beverages. Don’t forget to get plenty of exercise.  Getting plenty of cardio and making sure to do strength training a few days a week will help to maintain a healthy weight, even when the diet isn’t as healthy as it should be.

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