Five Signs You Need to Change Your Workout Routine

Five Signs You Need to Change Your Workout Routine

If your workout routine seems to be getting a little dull, you might be right.  In fact, it might be time to change things up a bit and enjoy better results while beating workout fatigue.  Sometimes, it’s not the whole workout that needs to be changed, just a couple of tweaks can make a mighty big difference. If you’re not seeing results, it might be time to change your workout routine. So, how do you know if it’s time to change your workout and whether you need an entire rehab, or just a few changes will do?  These signs can point you in the right direction:You’ve reached a plateau.

It happens, a lot.  This is about the time that you’re still working out, but not seeing the results that you used to see.  Maybe you’ve stopped losing weight, maybe you’ve stopped seeing the muscle changes.  Chances are, you can beat a plateau by tweaking your routine a bit and adding more cardio.  In some cases, an extra 60 minutes of moderately intense to intense cardio can do the trick.  Can’t fit it in?  Swap one day of strength for a run – interval training style.You’re finding excuses not to work out.  Sometimes you get tired, and other times you get bored.  If you find that you’re making excuses not to hit the gym, it’s time to find something new to do.

Try a completely different program, or keep things flexible with Crossfit to blast fat and build muscle.You’re hurting yourself.  Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard you try, there is always something to derail your workout progress.  Injuries such as pulled muscles are common now, and it could be that you’re battling workout fatigue.  In this case, you might be able to keep your routine, but consider paring it down a bit.  Give yourself an extra day for a gentle walk or rest, and decrease the intensity for a while.You’re not getting the results you want.

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Unlike a plateau, not seeing any results might mean that you’re not working out hard enough or long enough.  In this case, you can probably stick to what you’re doing, but you need to boost the intensity and/or increase the amount of time that you’re working out.It’s too easy.  Believe it or not, there will come a day that you feel that your workout is just too easy.  Maybe you’re not breaking a sweat or breathing heavy anymore, but if you aren’t feeling the intensity, then chances are, your body isn’t either.  Now is the time to find a new, challenging workout routine for optimal results. Sometimes, what has been working just doesn’t work anymore, and this is usually the case with your workout.  If you do it long enough, you may find that it’s time to change things up and see how you can increase your fitness level.

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