American Medical Association Declares Obesity as a Disease Officially

American Medical Association Declares Obesity as a Disease OfficiallyThis issue has been heavily debated for a long time, and now after much thought and concern the American Medical Association (AMA) has reluctantly declared obesity as a disease. This means that now various insurance companies may provide coverage for the treatment of obesity- thus assisting the United States in  addressing what has now become the epidemic of this generation. Several supporters for this decision include the American College of cardiology and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.

Perspectives are Changing For a vast amount of time obese individuals have been frowned upon and their conditions are often blamed on overeating and bad choices in lifestyle- not considering that obesity is sometimes a condition that plagues them as a disease such as cancer or Alcoholism. Obesity is derived through a variety of sources, not just from eating too much. Obesity is a disease. Obesity as a disease can be caused by other factors such as metabolism issues, medications, mental health issues, and a myriad of other health conditions that are the precursor to weight gain and bloat. Obese Patients and New Hopes For Them Fortunately, this move will now assist over 100 million Americans suffering from obesity be spared from contracting other diseases that are a direct result of obesity such as hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes.

Since the AMA has now classified obesity as a disease is very treatable it can now be assessed properly to prevent individuals from contracting other types of lethal diseases that cause adverse health affects. In addition, physicians will now be able to render treatments to obese patients- and this will protect the patients from diet scams and unsafe weight loss practices. They can become educated on healthy manners to lose weight, and also be under the care and guidance of a physician to ensure weight loss progress and results. Ideally, patients will receive obesity treatment based on current drug addiction models, offering access to treatment medications, nutritionist advice and psychological help for underlying stress, depression or anxiety that may be contributing to the problem.

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Obesity Treatments That are Presently Covered Verses What May be Covered Now This new change will enlighten the means for obese individuals to be treated. Some treatments are currently covered by numerous insurances, however many medications in relation to treating obesity as a disease are not covered. However typical health insurances only cover these treatments to those candidates who are already at risk for other side effect diseases from obesity. In the future, this will now change as obesity as a disease will open a variety of options for patients to get the health care and best treatments, education, and medicine for their conditions.

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