At Newhealthalert, we know that health news always changes.  Every day, there is something new in the news about health care breakthroughs, and living a healthy, long life.  We know that many people don’t have the time to sort through the many different publications out there for the most current health news, so we do it for you.


It is the mission of all of us at New Health Alert to bring everyone extensive information about living a healthy life, diets, fitness and health products and new health news.  We also know that many articles about health are either too short, or are written for doctors, and the average person can’t understand the topic.  Newhealthalert.net works to provide information that is written for the average person so everything you read on this site is honest; well researched, and meant for the average reader – not just health care professionals.

Our team of professionals gives you up to date information that you can apply to your everyday life.  Whether you’re looking for a fantastic new diet that will work for your needs, or you’re interested in the most up to date information about fighting health conditions such as heart disease or diabetes, you’ll find the information that you need to help you stay healthy through all stages of life.


It is our goal to become your number one source for all things to do with health.  We are working to establish a reputation as the most trusted place on the internet when it comes to health news.  Check back often to find out the most up to date information about new cancer treatments, methods for managing diabetes, news about breakthroughs in treating Alzheimer’s and ways to stay healthy from childhood to old age.

“At New Health Alert, we want everyone to have access to the most cutting edge information.  It’s not always easy to sort through the news, and medical journals to find out what’s happening in health, but knowledge can keep people healthy – we want to offer you the information that you need to stay healthy and seek the cutting edge treatments that are coming available every day.”

 We believe that every person can do more to take care of themselves.  We also believe that there are ways to treat illnesses that many people simply don’t know about.  It is our goal to provide the information that you might not be able to find in other places, in a way that actually makes sense, so you can apply it to your life.

 Why New Health Alert?

You might ask why you should check out New Health Alert, and we understand, but we invite you to spend some time browsing around our expert articles and see for yourself what you can learn.   We believe in the information that we provide, and we use it in our everyday lives; to stay healthy, and treat or prevent common problems.  We hope that you will, too.

Newhealthalert wants to thank every one of our readers for taking the time to check in.  We encourage everyone that stops in to contact us with comments, feedback and inquiries.  With your input, we can become even better than we believe we are now.

Questions, Suggestions, Inquiries, and Feedback:

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