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It can be easy to enjoy a healthy vacation, but many people don’t know what they’re fighting, so they choose to do nothing.  Whether it’s blood clots, colds or a few extra pounds, vacations can certainly take a toll on the body.  When travelers know what they are up against, they can better prepare for their holiday and feel fantastic the entire time.


Enjoy healthy vacations, no matter where the road leads.

Enjoy healthy vacations, no matter where the road leads.

A few tips can keep travelers healthy, and enjoying a fun filled vacation – even on a long flight with coughing passengers:

-          It starts when the trip is booked.  By choosing destinations that have lots of activities and dining options, vacationers can stay busy and healthy.  This will help travelers to maintain a high level of activity and get the daily workout in, so whether it’s hiking, water skiing, parasailing or horseback riding, the possibilities are endless.  Try something new, like an adventure vacation, for an even better experience.

-          Vacationers have the right to request the right type of room to ensure they enjoy excellent sleep, and it’s not something to be embarrassed about, either.  By asking for rooms that are far away from elevators and ice machines, and that don’t face the street, it’s possible to enjoy a good night of sleep.  When on a cruise, the room should always be above the pool deck, and for some, paying the extra for a balcony room will cut down on sea sickness and allow for a better experience.

-          Long flights can cause illnesses, such as colds and flu.  Travelers can enjoy better health by carrying an alcohol based sanitizer and using it before they eat after they eat and after using the restrooms.  It’s also a good idea to wipe down the tray table before setting anything on it.  Before traveling, taking immunity boosters such as vitamins C and D for at least two weeks can help offset the risk of illnesses.

-          Blood clots can be another big problem, so trying to stand up and move around for about 10 minutes every couple of hours can be an immense help in preventing this issue.  If standing up and moving around aren’t an option, shaking the legs for several minutes and moving the feet around for a few minutes can help, as well.

-          Pack a lunch.  When traveling, especially on flights, packing healthy snacks and meals can help to keep travel related stomach problems at bay.  When people travel, issues such as IBS can flare up and cause discomfort.  Travelers should stick to the foods they usually eat, and when it’s necessary to eat fast or airport food, skip the indulgence and opt for a salad without cheese and light on the dressing.

-          Bedbugs can be a real issue, but it’s possible to offset the risks of bringing them home by keeping clothing in plastic re-sealable bags and using hard luggage is possible.

Vacationing can be exciting, but when illness or discomfort strikes, that time away can become a nightmare.  When travelers are properly prepared and plan ahead, travelers can take home enjoyable memories and good health, and avoid the travel health hazards that are out there.

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Written by Melissa Krosby

Melissa Krosby currently lives in Gainesville, Florida and has a myriad of experience in writing expos and articles on various niches. As an expert journalist she started her career in High School as the newspaper and yearbook director. Throughout her career her work has been published in thousands of well-known media outlets.However, she finds the best source for her expanding her skills is that of experience, in depth research, and relating to what readers like. Melissa is savvy with fitness, health, and diet articles as you will find she definitely has a way with words and keeping the readers interest. Contact Melissa at

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