A Balanced Life is the Key to a Healthy Life

With so much stress in the world, it’s a wonder that anyone can enjoy a balanced life, but studies show that a balanced life can be the key to living a healthy life.  So, how does one go about balancing their lives so that they can live healthy and happy, and possibly more effectively?


A balanced life can help wih everything from healthy digestion to a strong immune system

A balanced life can help wih everything from healthy digestion to a strong immune system

According to Elizabeth Lipski, author of Digestion Connection, living a balanced life is essential to good digestion, but there is a way to live balanced, and it’s easier than many might think.

Take the time to exercise

Many don’t realize that exercise might be nature’s perfect stress reducer.  When people get plenty of exercise, they not only burn extra calories to stay fit, but they also increase circulation, which can help to ease pain, improve the appearance and maintain a healthy heart.  Regular exercise has also been shown help to balance blood sugar levels, which is one reason why exercise is so beneficial for those with diabetes.

Not only that, but exercise makes people feel good.  When people exercise, the body releases endorphins, which are feel – good hormones that boost the overall mood, decrease pain and help to ease feelings of anxiety and stress.

Thinking positive and self love

Loving yourself doesn’t just have to do with eating healthy; it has to do with how people feel in general.  Positive thinking can be an excellent tool for anyone that needs to feel happier, healthier, and reduce stress levels.  If the glass seems half empty, reverse that thinking by seeing that there is at least half of the glass that is still full.  People should do this with every situation, and stop negative thoughts before they can manifest into an overall unpleasant feeling.

Self love is also another crucial key in living a balanced, happy life.  Everyone has incredible attributes, and finding balance in life may be as easy as reminding oneself of them every day.  When people feel satisfied in whom they are, it can reduce stress and lead to a greater feeling of contentment.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Most people in the world do not get enough sleep, but without it, people can’t restore their bodies.  Sleep has stress beating properties because the mind gets to take a break and in some cases, studies have found that problems often become bigger than they are to people that are not well rested.  Ample rest can help people to maintain a healthy weight, lower their blood pressure and boost the immune system, so it makes sense to get plenty of it.

For those struggling to get a good night of sleep, certain techniques such as deep breathing and keeping a journal can help to ease the mind enough to allow sleep to come.  Soothing baths and relaxation techniques can also be beneficial for those that need to snooze more soundly.

Life can be stressful, and stress can take a serious toll on both mental and physical health.  It’s essential to find balance whenever possible to help reduce feelings of stress and take care of some of the physical problems that can result from feeling overwhelmed, over-tired and under-loved.

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Written by Heidi Shepard

Heidi was born and raised in Vero Beach, Florida. At a very young age she discovered her passion for writing, and graduated in 1996 from Florida State University with a major in journalism and minor in Nursing. She is a licensed RN part-time and also works full-time writing for various local health journals and papers. She is a definite asset to Newhealthalert. Not only does her experience and passion show through her keen writing, but her expertise in the medical field enables her to capture the best news topics and subjects found in the health niche.

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