Survey Reveals: The Most Common Source of Americans’ Stress

Even though people refer to America as one of the greatest places to live and work in, it turns out that working in the States might not be as perfect as it sounds. A brand, new research based on stress and anxiety at work has been developed and conducted by American researchers. It showed that around 8 in 10 people that live and work in America are having a hard time staying calm and composed at work. One of the main things that makes Americans feel anxious and stressed out is their monthly paycheck which is usually not as high as they want it to be.

Harris Interactive developed a survey based on stress at work three years ago. Every year, they question applicants about stress and anxiety at their workplace. This year, they questioned 1019 employees across the States. They found out something quite unpleasant and displeasing- around 83 percent of the people that took the survey felt stressed at work. The percentage of stressed individuals increased accurately 10 percent in just 12 months.

One thing that generally bothers American employees is the unbalanced economy that is eventually becoming worse and worse as time goes by. Recent budget cuts are just bringing bad news to firms and corporations across the States, considering the fact that as budget cuts are increasing, paychecks are becoming smaller. Nevertheless, Americans must try to look on the bright side and be more positive about their current state, according to Swartz, director of the department of career services.


Americans are complaining that they are working too much and they are not getting enough money for the time they spend at work that is often unreasonably longer than it should. Employees across the States are also bothered because of their disputes and disagreements with their coworkers. Also, building a career that was definitely not their personal choice is another reason why workers are feeling reluctant and unenthusiastic. Another pretty obvious issue that is still among us is the fact that there is a colossal difference in women’s wage and men’s wage. It is an undeniable fact that women are still getting smaller paychecks than men in the United States. A recent NPWF research showed that in 12 months, women are making around 11000 dollars less than men who are living in the States.

This specific research showed that in most cases, employees aged 18 to 29 are the ones that are feeling more stressed and averse at work. The main reason why they feel a bit pessimistic and unwilling to fully use their potential is the fact that wages for young people are starting to decrease quite fast. Stress at work should not be taken for granted and should never be ignored, because according to a couple of studies that were conducted last year,  stressful situations at work might be the main culprit that can lead to a fast development of a cardiovascular disease (usually stroke) and type 2 diabetes (especially in females).

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Written by Jasmina Langley

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