What’s Happening Inside Food Trucks

It seems that nowadays, enormous food trucks are passing through large cities and little hidden American towns – it turns out that they are basically everywhere. However, as much as it sounds totally safe, keeping frozen food inside these huge food trucks might not be the safest and cleanest thing on Earth.

In general, all of the trucks that are used for keeping food inside of them are inspected regularly and kept clean all the time. Also, one of the most valuable things all the truck drivers need to own is a license permit. It is of great importance because when the food-safety workers ask for your permit, you must always have it ready. Solid grades are also essential in order to maintain a good reputation among buyers. These types of trucks are visited by inspectors on a regular basis, considering the fact that we are talking about food that people consume daily. Therefore, if you have good grades and try to keep your food fresh and floors clean, people will buy from you without any hesitation.

However, if you earn grade C, you might face the fact that people will kind of neglect you and pass by, because nobody wants to eat from a place that is not safe or clean. Also, gloves are essential for all food employees, because in order to get a good grade and get a lot of customers, you must maintain a proper level of hygiene. You certainly do not want to be the reason for the sudden appearance of some food-related disease in your neighborhood! Gloves should be changed regularly and you should never ever touch raw meat or other raw foods and then touch cooked foods- not if you want to keep your truck clean and bacteria-free! In some parts of America, gloves are not essential. There are other alternatives like hand sanitizers etc. that can be used instead of gloves.


If there is a red flag somewhere around the truck you want to buy a hot dog from, they step back and do not ever come back! In other words – do not even think about buying lunch from a truck that has been red flagged by inspectors!

Another thing that is usually the main reason for the appearance of bacteria and diseases is hair moving somewhere around eyes, lips, face and unfortunately – food. Employees must be careful and have tidy hair all the time, if they don’t want to contaminate half of their customers. Also, employees must be aware that some foods need to be kept at a certain temperature level.

For example, salads and cold sandwiches must be kept at the fridge, and soup, fries, hot dogs or burgers must be warm and freshly made. Another thing employees should be very careful about is their sink. Their sink should probably be one of the cleanest spots in their truck- after all, that is where they need to keep their hands clean and prepare themselves for making food.

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Written by Jasmina Langley

Jasmina Langley has recently moved from Macedonia to explore life in the paradise Peninsula of the United States, Florida. She currently has a home in Starke, Florida and is aspiring to be a hard-core journalist. She is savvy with her words, but has a unique way of getting the point of across in a conversational tone which people are drawn to. She has written for several other popular websites on the Internet, but we are very proud to have her outstanding talents loyal to our needs for NewHealthAlert.net. She also is a journalists for a few other websites throughout the Internet. She will be capturing the news in all of our various health categories, and will not hold back when it comes to bringing you the best reviews, news posts, and information. Contact Jasmina at jasminal@newhealthalert.net

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