Zumba Workout – A Review

Many people want to know about the Zumba workout.  Is it really as fun and easy to do as reviews say?  Will it actually burn as many calories as reported?  Everyone is looking for a fun workout that makes them feel like they aren’t working out at all, but when it comes to raising the heart rate and working up a sweat, working hard is still working hard.


Zumba offers a great workout that is actually fun

Zumba offers a great workout that is actually fun

Zumba has taken the country by storm, and some experts feel that the fact that it’s easy and fun to do is the reason that this workout has become such a popular choice among those that want to get in shape.  The question is; what is it, does it work, and should you try it?

What it’s about

Zumba is a dance workout that essentially works in stages.  Beginners start with the first dvd, and work their way up.  It’s necessary to be careful about your fitness level.  Like many other workouts, those that have been mostly sedentary or are not in very good condition should gradually work their way up.

Zumba was meant to give anyone, dancer or not, a complete workout that would also work the main muscle groups.  It was also developed to help people to burn a maximum number of calories in one workout so people can lose weight.

Difficulty level

It’s been mentioned before and bears mentioning again; Zumba, like many other workouts, was created to be done in stages.  People can choose to purchase the entire advertised package and start at the beginning while working up to the harder workouts, or it’s possible to purchase smaller segments of the workout as fitness levels increase.

This is part of the reason that so many people like Zumba because they aren’t starting with a workout that will only be too difficult for them.  Instead, they are able to work their way up at their speed.

For those that wish to visit a gym to do their workout, Zumba classes are available at many of them, and they work according to skill levels, as well.  Beginners will find a full range of classes, as will those who have chosen to stick with it and get better at the program.

People shouldn’t be fooled, though.  From the very beginning of this workout program, participants will sweat;  they will work hard and begin to see a difference in overall fitness levels in a short amount of time.  This workout program will not disappoint, because just when users believe that they have gotten the program down, and it’s getting easier, they can move up to a higher intensity and see even more results and calorie burn.

Zumba might seem kind of easy when it starts out, but it works up to an intense workout that even the most experienced workout guru will love.


Most workout programs will cost some money, and the same can be said of Zumba.  However, there are different options for almost any budget level.  Those that have a gym membership anyway will probably not have to pay anything extra, but the cost of a gym membership may be more than some people want to have to pay.

The full advertised program can cost a little over $80, and it includes different dvd’s and weights, but there are other options, and those that have their own weights may find that they don’t need the whole bundle.  Those that choose this option will also find that they can use the program over and over again for one price.

Zumba is also available in several video game options, which might cost about as much as the dvd program, but the cost of accessories might cause the price to go a little bit higher than some budgets will allow.


It’s important to remember that many workouts require people to have certain types of equipment in order to experience the best benefits from their program, and Zumba is no different.  A stability ball and weights may be required when working through the workout program, so the cost of these extras should be considered before getting started with the program.

While some of the Zumba workouts include toning sticks that weigh anywhere from one pound to 2.5 pounds, they can be purchased separately for a little over $20.00.  For those that would prefer to use a video game option, accessory packs will cost a little bit more.

Bottom line

Most people ask just a couple of questions before they decide to choose a workout program:  does it work, and is it worth the money.

-          Does it work?  When done correctly, and other lifestyle changes, such as a healthy diet, are put into place, Zumba can be a highly effective way to get in shape, stay fit and shed unwanted pounds.  It might not provide extreme muscle toning, but use of accessories can help users to tone up and tighten trouble spots more easily.

 Since many health care experts recommend that the average person should get at least 45 minutes of cardio exercise daily for optimal health and weight maintenance, Zumba can be an excellent way to get that exercise and have a good time doing it.

-          Is it worth the price?  Depending on the workout program options that a person chooses, Zumba fitness can be quite affordable and can fit into almost any budget.  It isn’t necessary to select the entire program to get started, and since it can even be played on many different video game systems, there is an option for everyone to enjoy.

 For those that love to dance, but want to get fit and in shape, Zumba is an excellent choice.  It is a fun, intense workout that almost anyone can do.  Easy to get started and no stupid moves that will have people tripping over their feet can get almost anyone up and dancing, and shedding pounds in no time.

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