Lagging Libido? Here’s How to Want – Ehem – And Enjoy it more

Let’s face it; the libido isn’t usually something that women want to discuss.  How does one tell her friends that she just “doesn’t feel like it?”  Especially when everything appears to be just about perfect on the outside to other people, it can be quite hard for a woman to talk about how she doesn’t feel like using her bed for anything other than, well, sleep.


A strong libido can contrbute to a happy relationship

A strong libido can contrbute to a happy relationship

The good news is that women who’ve experienced a lagging libido aren’t alone.  It’s a common problem that many face, especially when struggling to raise kids, maintain a home, relationship and work.  It’s tough, and sometimes the last thing a woman is thinking about is getting frisky.

There are things that women can do to help improve their libido and even enjoy the act more than they thought they could, and more intimate time could have all kinds of health benefits.

-          Make it come first.  Maybe it’s being tired, maybe it’s being too busy, but for those that want to boost their libido, a healthy sex life has to come first.  Much like working out does, sex has many health and emotional benefits. Being tired or busy should no longer be an excuse.

-          Get over it and change it up.  Before many people get bored with what they do between the sheets, they have to be doing it.  Arguments and anger can play a crucial role in a plummeting libido, but it turns out that for many the anger and arguments can stem from not having enough sex.  When men are rejected too often, they can begin to feel rejected as a person, and this can cause anger and frustration, as well as arguments.  Instead of letting the anger carry over, shelf it for a while and enjoy some intimate time together.  Then change it up, so both partners find what’s going on exciting and fun again.

-          Stop worrying about “messed up” hormones.  Ladies, as women, hormones play a large role in overall happiness and mental functioning.  It makes sense that when the hormones are at balanced levels intimacy is more fun, but research shows that one of the keys to helping balance hormones might actually be to maintain a healthy sex life. 

-          Know when to see a doctor.  Pain is never a good thing, but it happens.  There are conditions that actually cause women to experience pain during sex, but this doesn’t have to be the case.  For those who are trying to maintain a good sex life, but grit their teeth the whole time, it’s time to see a doctor and take control of what causes the pain, so sex can be a pleasure again.

-          Find new ways to heat things up.  When women have pelvic surgery of any kind, it can make the good parts of sex quite hard to experience, but with a little patience, and tweaking, women can still enjoy the act – sometimes even more than they did before.  Don’t lose hope; start looking for new ways to turn up the heat, and then enjoy what you learn.

A good sex life can be crucial to a strong marriage, good mental health and overall happiness.  It boosts endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and so much more, so it makes sense that lagging libidos should be dealt with.

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Written by Melissa Krosby

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