Exercise Not Just Good for the Body; Amazing Benefits for the Mind

The benefits of exercise for the body can be clearly seen, but many don’t realize how good working out regularly can be for the mind, as well.  No matter what stage of life a person is in, study after study shows how beneficial exercise can be for the body, and now it’s been proven that it can tremendously help with people’s overall well being.


Exercise offers benefits for the body and the mind

Exercise offers benefits for the body and the mind

Top three brain benefits

Of the many perks that a person can enjoy mentally when they work out regularly, the top three include reducing stress, boosting self esteem and increasing the body’s production of feel good chemicals like endorphins.

Everyone knows that too much stress can take a heavy toll on the body.  Fatigue, body aches and an inability to concentrate can be just a few of the symptoms of stress overload.  It makes sense that finding a good way to combat stress and balance the body would be top on the list, and it turns out that even just working out three to four times weekly can have a significant impact on overall stress levels.

Self esteem is essential in functioning in various parts of life, so when people have more of it, they are better able to take on the world – and if they know they look good and are working to have the best shape ever, they are less likely to feel depressed.

The body creates hormones that help it to feel good, serotonin and dopamine are just a couple that help to stabilize moods and keep people feeling happy, emotionally stable and free of pain.  Studies show that even working out just three times a week for about a half hour each day can increase overall happiness.

All the rest

There are even more benefits that regular exercise can provide to help improve the mind and soothe the mind.  For those looking to increase their brain’s function now, and reduce an inevitable slow down that occurs with age, then exercise may well be the key.  Studies have found that regular work outs may be highly effective in preventing the brain from slowing down, which can keep exercisers sharp late into life.

Consistent exercise has also been shown to help when it comes to fighting addiction.  Whether it’s a craving for a cigarette, or it’s something heavier a person is working to get through, the dopamine that regular exercise can provide can help people to fight off cravings and feel incredible while doing it.

If that’s not enough, regular workouts can help to relieve anxiety, and anyone who struggles with this issue knows how frustrating it can be.  In addition, a great run, walk or other form of exercise can help people to enjoy better sleep and become more productive throughout their days, even on the days they don’t work out.

It’s always been obvious that a good consistent workout routine can work wonders to help people enjoy a fantastic body.  Mounting evidence that working out regularly has several brain benefits means that there are more reasons than ever to start exercising.  For those that have been putting off getting out and burning it off, there is no time like right now to clear the fog and start enjoying the way it feels to be healthy in body and mind.

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Written by Melissa Krosby

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