Top Dieting Mistakes You’re Making

You would be surprised how many different diets can be found nowadays and you would also be surprised of the number of common dieting mistakes that can very easily mess up the whole process of losing weight. In fact, many mistakes do not even allow for the weight loss to begin. Here’s what you shouldn’t do when trying to lose weight.

First of all, remember one simple, but crucial thing – you’ll lose weight only if you’re eating moderately. There’s no way you’re going to see good results if you eat too much, even if the dish is only full of healthy food. Vegetables are great for dieting, but if you eat 2 big bowls of salad, you’re so going to put some pounds. Or combining different kinds of veggies and other low-calorie foods in a same meal – it’s still a huge mistake. Yes, vegetables and fruit will help you get the perfect weight, but only when you’re not consuming loads of them.

Second, you need to know that avoiding a certain type of food and sticking to for example, only vegan food, will have a negative effect on your weight loss. All that dieting won’t do any good, unless you get all the nutrients your body needs for staying healthy.


Ok, so people on diets think as long as they eat less and skip meals, they’ll lose weight more efficiently and much faster. Wrong! Deciding to eat just one big meal for the day is also a common dieting mistake. It’s simply not healthy and I’m going to explain why. If your body does not constantly get the ‘fuel’ it needs for performing a daily routine, it will start burning your muscles and you’ll end up fatigued and without any energy. So my point is, you should follow the rules your diet suggests and eat regularly.

And last, but not the least, comes the dieting mistake that the majority of overweight people do on a daily basis – overeating caused by stress, depression or other similar conditions. Feelings have a great impact on our eating habits and that’s why we should avoid food when feeling sad, stressed out or depressed.

Try gathering as much information about your body as you can and learn how to diet healthy and effectively. A healthy and proper diet will result in fast weight loss and energized body.


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Written by Heidi Shepard

Heidi was born and raised in Vero Beach, Florida. At a very young age she discovered her passion for writing, and graduated in 1996 from Florida State University with a major in journalism and minor in Nursing. She is a licensed RN part-time and also works full-time writing for various local health journals and papers. She is a definite asset to Newhealthalert. Not only does her experience and passion show through her keen writing, but her expertise in the medical field enables her to capture the best news topics and subjects found in the health niche.

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