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Summer is coming – besides all the fun stuff that could happen in the summertime, that could also mean that we should fit into our favorite swimsuit and shorts and summer weight loss is the first thing that comes to our minds. And the good thing is – you don’t have to starve to lose some weight during summer days. Here are the top summer foods for getting the perfect weight.

All you have to know is that the healthy food has fewer calories and is good for your summer dieting. The number of calories that you burn should always be higher than the number of calories you’re consuming. Summer is the season of light food and salads, so if you try to avoid sweets and other summer treats, it can be the ideal time to start a fast and effective diet and lose some weight.


Nutrition experts say that fresh products are the best way to lose weight in the summertime. Nature gives us plenty of fruits and vegetables to choose from and those who want to lose weight should take advantage of it. When it comes to fresh food, it’s a win/win situation, because it’s both healthy (it’s rich with vitamins, minerals and fiber) and non caloric. Just the perfect choice for almost every meal in the hot summer days!

You can choose to consume any kind of fruit and vegetable that grows this time of the year – melons, berries, tomatoes, greens, cucumbers, carrots, onions, garlic, lettuce… You would be surprised how well this kind of food will ‘treat your body’ and be a huge help for losing weight. There are plenty of delicious recipes for salads, so try finding the perfect one for you and your taste.

Rotisserie chicken can be one of the options and you may also prepare some soups occasionally. I know summer days are hot and soup is not the best food to consume, but it helps with weight loss and that is a reason enough to eat it every now and then. It’s one of the best low-calorie dishes and food number 1 that helps with losing weight.


Grilled food can be also good for summer weight loss, as long as it’s vegetables. Grilled veggies can go in a combination with other types of foods and form a delicious dish. Use zucchinis, tomatoes, onions, peppers and anything else from veggies that can be grilled and put into a perfect salad mixture.

As for drinks, we recommend a lot of water, possibly before you start with your meal. This will significantly reduce your appetite and you’ll eat less food, which in this case, is the desired effect. But if you do have to drink other beverages, try to avoid sweetened stuff and sodas, and choose to drink low-calorie beverages or drinks that are non caloric.

Desserts can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re a die-hard dessert lover. Instead of picking something that you’ve usually consumed (cakes, cookies, sweets – all high in calories), eat a dessert that contains a lot of fruit. Fruits can make tasteful desserts that can easily become a part of your all-time favorite type of foods for weight loss.

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