Think You’re Eating Healthy Restaurant Foods? Think Again

When it comes to food, the trend is healthy.  Healthy cooking, good fats and well rounded diets are in the spotlight, and restaurants seem to be jumping on the bandwagon for better health.  The idea is that if they can offer the same healthy foods that a person might make at home, they can keep a majority of their patrons.  Healthy restaurant food can be found on almost any menu, but is it really as healthy as one might think, or are these options actually busting diet plans all across the country?

Salads can be a common fat trap in restaurants.

Salads can be a common fat trap in restaurants.

The trouble with so-called “healthy” restaurant food is that it might pack a ton of extra calories and contain lots of fats that many people can do without.  It’s simply in the way that great chefs cook, but when patrons know what to look for, they can begin to make even healthier choices when it comes to the menu options.

-          Veggies instead of fries might seem like a given, but it seems that many who eat out choose the French fry option.  French fries can’t help that they are deep fried, but patrons can help themselves by skipping the restaurant fry and baking up a healthy batch at home.

-          Skip the olive oil dip.  For those who have enjoyed that olive oil filled with seasonings and a chunk of bread to dip, it might seem like a no brainer.  Olive oil is healthy, but not when a gallon of it is consumed.  It might be better to simply put real butter on that thin piece of whole wheat bread and save the olive oil for the home kitchen.

-          Avoid meals with butter and cream.  It is the goal of a good Chef to make everything taste delicious.  This usually means making meals that are filled with calories, which can wreak havoc on the diet and often contain lots of bad fats.  Choose meals with options that are controllable, such as salads with dressing on the side, and steamed veggies.  Order it dry and dress it up yourself.  Order grilled meats that can be cooked without butter, and make sure that you request it’s made just that way.

-          Don’t be fooled by the small plates.  A small plate of food can still be full of fat and calories.  When finger foods are cooked, they contain lots and lots of the bad stuff, but people don’t feel as full because they are eating little servings.  When it comes to the entrée, make sure to find out how the foods are cooked, and consider add in’s like olive oil and butter.

It’s a big deal to take on a healthy lifestyle and little things like eating out can really become complicated, but they don’t have to be.  In short, it might be the very best bet to stick to the basics, order grilled and avoid the common traps such as extra salt and fats to make foods tastier.

By knowing what is truly healthy, and speaking up, patrons can eat healthy and stick to their diets, even when they choose to visit their favorite restaurant.

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Written by Melissa Krosby

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