The Weight Watchers Diet – A Review

One of the most popular and successful diets available today is the Weight Watchers diet.  Many people who have tried this diet report that it has many benefits over other options out there and since there is no food to buy and no need to calculate anything but points, dieters find that they are much more successful at reaching their weight loss goals than if they were to choose a different type of diet.

Weight watchers is a common, and successful diet option for many

Weight watchers is a common, and successful diet option for many

Like all diet plans, however, it is always beneficial to remember that it’s not just about the foods a person chooses to eat; results will generally increase when the dieter chooses to adopt a more active lifestyle, as well.

The concept

Any time a person is considering going on a type of diet, they should get a good look at the concept behind the diet so they can decide if it will be easy to follow it.  In the case of Weight Watchers, people are given a certain number of points that they count each day.  The points help people to gain control of their food choices without having to look up all the numbers and nutrition facts of everything they eat.

The points used for this diet assign fewer points to foods that are nutrient dense, but will help you to feel full for a longer amount of time.  The foods that are not as nutritious will cost more points each day.  All foods are given a value based off the carbohydrates, fat, calories, protein and fiber, as well as how hard it is for your body to burn the food off.

Following a point system for foods and learning to make healthy food choices may be easier than counting calories alone.  And, when combined with inspirational meetings and daily exercise, this system may help people to build long term lifestyle changes and shed unwanted pounds without feeling deprived or like they are “dieting.”

There is no set amount of time that the diet should take.  Membership does cost, and the amount of time a person stays on it will depend on their own personal progress.

There are no “special” foods, but many do decide to eat healthier options so they can stay within their daily point guidelines more easily.

The benefits

One of the good things about the Weight Watchers diet is that it does help people to lose weight in most cases.  Since this diet depends more on a person’s will power, they may still be consuming foods that are unhealthy.  In which case, they are not getting the healthy benefits of the foods that Weight Watchers recommends.

However, if a person uses this program, it is likely that pounds will be shed, and a better understanding of how to choose healthy foods will be left in the place of those pounds.  Additionally, when the recommended amounts of exercise are met, participants will boost their heart health, may reduce their blood pressure and enjoy the many benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

There is no evidence to suggest that Weight Watchers helps to control diabetes, but it is known that choosing foods that are high in fiber and complex carbohydrates can be beneficial for people who want  to control diabetes.

What it’s made up of

Since dieters don’t need to order special foods, Weight Watchers is a good diet for people that want to make a total lifestyle change.  There are many cookbooks that offer healthy options for every meal, and they all follow Weight Watchers guidelines.  Over time, healthy eating will become more of a preference and dieters will have a slew of healthy recipes to keep them on track.

Dieters also get to enjoy their favorite foods, but sometimes in moderation.  An example would be in the case of a brownie.  Brownies can still be enjoyed, but in smaller portions – and it will cost more points.  Pizza can also be enjoyed, but dieters might find that it costs fewer points when they pack it up with lots of good for them veggies.

The points in this diet encourage people to enjoy foods according to the healthy nutrient guidelines, so many who are on the diet and following the points find that they get more nutrients than they had been getting in a long time.  In addition, this diet recommends that dieters take a daily supplement to ensure that they get enough nutrition and are able to stay on track.

Why it is effective

One of the things that make the Weight Watchers diet so easy to work with is the points system.  When people don’t have to count calories and worry that they aren’t getting the proper nutrition in their foods, they realize that they have a much easier time staying on track and shedding the unwanted pounds.  The point system also helps dieters to maintain their weight loss once they have reached their goals.

Another reason that this diet is successful might have to do with the fact that there is no deprivation.  Dieters don’t have to give up their favorite foods; they just need to know where the foods fit in the scheme of a healthy eating plan.  Then they need to know how to incorporate those foods, in moderation.

When many people start the Weight Watchers diet, they often choose to stock their fridge with lots of healthy plant based foods, and that’s a terrific way to get started on the right food.  It’s also helpful to include the heart healthy fats and lean protein as well, and dieters should remember that complex carbohydrates are essential in keeping the sugar levels balanced and feeling full for longer.

Support for dieters is another truly powerful reason that so many people find they are successful.  Support can be found in the form of a healthy cookbook, or a face to face weigh in; any time a participant has a question, there is someone available to help.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that the Weight Watchers diet can help people to shed extra pounds, and feel healthy.  There is a cost involved and some might think that it is too high, but for those looking to try it out without all the extra support, it is possible to find the point system online and give it a try.

It may not be for everyone, but for those that want to lose weight and need a way to stay on a weight loss plan while enjoying results, then Weight Watchers might be the right diet for you.

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