The Benefits of Vitamin D – Exposed

Vitamin D is of great importance for the human body, generally because it absorbs calcium and maintains a normal growth of our bones. Vitamin D should be consumed throughout the ages, not just when we are at young age. As a result of consuming this vitamin when we grow older, we avert fractures of our bones and we prevent osteogenesis imperfect, often referred to as the brittle bones disease.

When scientists put the vitamin D on the list of ingredients in milk and milk products, they have made a great achievement because children usually love drinking milk and this vitamin is very helpful in order to strengthen young children’s bones and prevent conditions like bowed legs or knocked knees.

This particular vitamin is useful in other spheres as well. Consuming vitamin D can help you prevent multiple sclerosis. Scientists have found the missing link they were trying to find for such a long time. Normal levels of vitamin D in your body are linked to a lower risk of multiple sclerosis. Also, consuming vitamin D is beneficial when you are suffering from type 2 diabetes. This type of vitamin might not be able to prevent diabetes but it can at least help you regulate your blood glucose level much easier.


Another valuable and considerable discovery is that people that have weight issues and are suffering from obesity usually have low blood levels of this specific vitamin. If you are suffering from obesity, your body fat is trapping all the vitamin D you have inside of your body. A research had shown that if obese people add vitamin D to their diet, it can help them lose their excessive weight much easier. Also, this exact vitamin is aiding our brain function. A study based on the connection between this vitamin and the functioning of the human brain had shown that people that suffer from mild depression can beat depression much easier if they start to consume a larger dosage of vitamin D. However, every case is different, therefore if you are suffering from depression, you should consult your doctor whether you should start consuming vitamin D or not.

A lot of foods we often consume are not a natural source of this specific vitamin and are not really helping us maintain a normal level of vitamin D in our body. However, there are a couple of foods that we should not avoid if we want to benefit from this fantastic vitamin. Some types of fish are rich in vitamin D and they can also be beneficial for our overall health because they are rich in omega 3 as well. Consuming fish like salmon, mackerel or swordfish can help us maintain a proper level of vitamin D in our body and enhance our immune system. Tuna and sardines contain a little bit of this vitamin, too, but not as much as salmon, mackerel or swordfish. Other types of foods that contain this vitamin in them are beef liver, cereal, egg yolk and milk.

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Written by Heidi Shepard

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