Nature Has a Good Effect on Your Mind

Finding absolute peace and tranquility is something that many individuals plead for these days. Many people often tend to forget that it is not that hard to find your inner peace just by yourself. Walking through nature is the best way to look for your inner peace.

A recent study that was financed by the British Heriot-Watt University has proven something thought-provoking. Through this study, the researchers found out that passing through green areas and nature in general makes us enter a state of meditation. Green areas embellish our environment and make us have positive thoughts and ideas. The research that was financed and developed by Heriot-Watt University combined results from twelve applicants with a great health condition.


These twelve applicants had to walk through three different kinds of areas in the city of Edinburgh while wearing mobile electroencephalography devices attached on their bodies in order to let the researchers apprehend their emotions and thoughts. The applicants took a short walk that lasted around 25 minutes in three different areas. First they walked through the full city streets, then they walked through an area full with trees and grass, and at the end, they walked through streets in the business part of the town.

Throughout their 25 minute walk through the city of Edinburgh, the electroencephalography device was showing that the applicants were feeling a lot of emotions – at one point, they felt frustrated, at one excited, and at another, they felt like they were entering a state of meditation. The researchers found out through the special device that the outstanding feeling of meditation was at its highest level when the participants in the research were passing through parks and other green areas. The device had shown the researchers that the applicants were also feeling a lot less frustrated, absorbed by the nature and much more excited than before.


The researchers working on one particular research that was financed by the University of Illinois found out that children that were suffering from ADHD are in a much better state of mind and are more concentrated after they had a short walk through a green area. This specific research had shown us that our surroundings really matter.

They can sometimes boost our energy level and sometimes decrease it and make us feel lazy and gloomy. Five years ago the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans has stated that it is substantial for individuals to do physical activities outdoors. The feelings while doing a physical activity inside of the house are not similar to the positive feelings that will take over your body and mind if you start working out in the park or in some beautiful green area in your town. Also, another study that has been developed in 2008 had shown that kids that go out more often and do various physical activities outside have about 27 to 41 percent lower risk of becoming overweight when they grow older. Therefore, activities in an open area and in pure nature can have a long-term effect on our overall health.

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Written by Jasmina Langley

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