The Most Common Snack Mistakes

Sometimes people tend to make slight snack mistakes when it comes to choosing the right snack. Nutritionists say that approximately 50 percent of people across the globe feel the urge for at least one tiny snack in the day. In some cases, snacking can be helpful because it can stimulate our metabolism and even regulate our blood glucose level. However, not everyone can benefit for snacking. Snacks can only contribute to our overall health condition if they are healthy.

People often tend to confuse their daily treats with snacks. You should not consider eating a bag of chips or a bunch of cupcakes as snacks. It is very important to know how to combine food and when to eat it, too. For example, a great combination that will boost your energy would be an apple with a little bit of mozzarella cheese or some almonds. Apples are very useful for your health and metabolism if you consume them with a little bit of protein. Although mixing up fruits like apples with protein is a healthy choice, you should not forget that too much protein can have a negative effect on your health.


Another way to find a reasonable balance between the urge to have a daily treat and maintaining a healthy diet in the mean time would be if you find alternatives that can make you feel satisfied. For example, you can try having a granola bar instead of some chocolate bar that is full on sugar. If you don’t have a sweet tooth and you’d rather eat a bag of chips instead of a chocolate bar, you could try eating multigrain chips instead of potato chips. If you maintain a diet with healthier alternatives like these ones, that means that you are keeping your health and you are eating much less calories than you would normally. It is also valuable if you do not tend to overeat, because overeating can lead to some serious digestion and weight problems.


Some experts have stated their opinion on food they would never eat. For example, Patricia Bannan said that she is not very fond of soda drinks. Bannan feels like soda drinks are way too sugary, and they are nothing but a bunch of calories into a can. Soda only leads to bigger weight and other health problems. She recommends citrus-infused water or some peach or lemon iced-tea that is not filled with too much sugar. Dawn Jackson Blatner says that food that is considered as “diet food” is not actually healthy or helping in order to keep you slim. Eating real, raw food that is not highly processed is much better than eating diet food like whipped toppings. Cynthia Sass has stated that for her, one of the most dangerous beverages nowadays is diet soda. Diet soda is a sugar-sweetened beverage that might be very risky, especially because scientists believe it is the reason for the increased risk of stroke and other diseases of the cardiovascular system.

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Written by Jasmina Langley

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