Customize Your Workout Program

customize your workout

By Jorge Royan

Have your New Year’s resolutions to get into shape been derailed again? Don’t follow someone else’s fitness formula. Customize your workout program to fit you. DThe best way to start is to find a fitness plan that will suit both your personality and your body.

If your program consists of fad diets and punishing workouts, you’re not taking the right approach. Instead, work step-by-step on a commonsense approach that you can work into your life. I’m not saying that finding the right fitness program will magically transform you into a health nut. It’s always tough to create a big change in your life. However, you do need to tailor a program that will suit you.

If you do the same routine because it happens to be prescribed by the gym you go to, or because it’s what you’ve been doing since high school, then revamp your thinking. Here are some resources you can use to customize your workout program. Some of them have the same suggestions, because they cover common problem areas.

None other than the top-notch Mayo Clinic has some advice on creating the perfect program. Among other things, they advise that people consider the types of physical activity that they most enjoy. Fitness programs shouldn’t be terrible. It’s more likely that people will stick with fitness plans they enjoy.

Another medical site, WebMD, has more suggestions. Among other things, there is advice for building fitness programs around either your physical condition or your personality traits. For example:

For those that are seriously out of shape

According to Cedric Bryant, the chief science officer for the American Council on Exercise, taking things slowly and finding activities that encourage a more active lifestyle are a good start.

He says, “Exergames like Wii Fit are a good way to take someone who’s a couch potato and give them a little exercise,” Bryant says. “By doing something that might be a bit more fun, you might be able to sneak in a little dose of exercise. And the intensity tends to be low or moderate.”

Keep an eye out for chances to keep moving throughout the day. Pedometers are a great way to increase activity, when step goals are made. Make a goal to reach abotu 10,000 daily steps.

Lucent says that a good start for beginners is to take a simple 10 minute walk. Gradually, as people become fit, they can increase the time of their walks. According to Lucett, a 30 minute a day walk will become normal in no time.

Keep in mind that those that are seriously out of shape should talk to their health care provider before beginning a workout routine.

For those that are easily bored

Cross training options that include swimming, cycling, and running are a good option. According to Bryant, changing things up every six to eight weeks will also help, as well as mixing up workouts.

“Rather than getting on the elliptical for 45 minutes, do just 15 minutes, then do 15 on the treadmill and 15 on circuit training,” Bryant says. “The next workout, take part in a group exercise program.”

Exercise isn’t always found in the traditional “cardio and weights” that people expect. There are many different options, and any activity is good for the body. Hiking, ice skating, dancing and roller skating are just a few options.

Other resources offer fitness programs that are tailored to body type. Women’s Health has a great guide for women. Body types are broken down to “pear”, “straight”, “curvy”, and “atletic” with diagrams and descriptions that help you to categorize your body type. The basic guides say:

[Pear shaped body] For those that are a little wider at the bottom than on top, your body type is a pear. By toning the shoulders and arms, and choosing a workout friendly to your body type, you can trim the whole body.

[Straight shaped body] For those that are straight up and down with minimal curves, the body type is straight. Work the waist to add some definition, while sculpting the glutes with a workout friendly for your body.

[Curvy shaped body] Bust and hips larger than the waist makes your body curvy. Full body tone for the muscles, ans shaping the arms and legs will help tone down and shape up.

[Athletic shaped body] Broad shoulders and narrow hips mean that your body is athletic. Keep the core tight while adding shape to the thighs and butt with an athletic body friendly workout.

The guide will direct you to specific workouts and eating plans. The regimens are comprehensive, full-body, and can be done at home. They offer interval variations with suggestions that vary the workouts during the week. They can be adapted to beginners or tough advanced workouts. Men will benefit from these programs as well.

The corresponding Men’s Health journal has similar guidelines for men. Body types are “ectomorph”, “endomorph”, and ‘mesomorph”.

Finally, if you need a master guide to online workouts, this one from Fox News will help you to change up your routine or try a new regimen. Customize your workout program, and stick with it. You’ll see improvements sooner than you expect.

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Written by Heather Nelson

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