Obesity Can be Smelled?

A brand new research has proven something rather different and fascinating for individuals across the globe. It has shown that obesity can actually be smelled. It can be detected through a gas that actually smells.

Recently, doctors have developed a research based on this new scientific discovery that amazed a lot of scientists on a worldwide level. They said that obesity has a distinctive smell that reminds them of a particular gas – methane. However, the statement might sound a little bit paradoxical, considering the fact that methane does not really have a strong smell or any smell whatsoever. Ruchi Mathur, a doctor and head chief of the department that works with diabetes patients, has developed a study based on obesity and its smell, and in order to find out whether there is some relation to a certain odor and obesity, she examined the breath of exactly 792 male and female patients of different ages.


Doctor Mathur wanted to find out whether it is possible to find some methane in the breath of the applicants, knowing that sometimes, a small amount of this particular gas was linked with the archaea type of microbes. Doctor Mathur’s team came up with some interesting results. The patients that had a higher level of methane and some hydrogen gases in their breath were actually overweight, unlike the other applicants. Mathur stated that by finding out that there is a slight difference in the breath depending whether you are at a normal weight or you are overweight, doctors are slowly, but steadily moving closer to finding out more about obesity and other health conditions that are connected with their patients’ weight.

Doctor Mathur says that the Methanobrevibacter smithii, a member of the archaea group is the reason why overweight people have distinctive gases in their breath. The Methanobrevibacter smithii can be found in the intestinal tract in at least around 70 percent of individuals. It harvests hydrogen molecules that are afterwards converted into methane.


Mathur and her team are also testing individuals that have prediabetes and also have issues with their weight. Coincidence or not, these people are also having a distinctive breath that is associated with methane. To find out all the connections between prediabetes, diabetes, obesity and other weight conditions, the team of researchers must do various tests of the intestinal tract and their raised glucose blood level. She has also stated that people tend to forget how microorganisms that have found home in our bodies have also progressed as we did.

It is very important to understand the basics of the constant evolutionary development of the microorganisms inside of us in order to understand the human’s body. Finding out the basic culprit why obese or overweight people tend to have a different breath smell than people that do not suffer from any weight problems might be very helpful to doctors and scientists that are trying to discover the reasons behind obesity that is developing faster than ever in today’s society.

Written by Tony Clark

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