Increased Level of Allergies Caused by Global Warming

The level of allergies can be affected by various different things, and one of those things is the occurrence of global warming. Because of global warming, the plants grow larger and pollination happens earlier than it should be. Because of that, allergies get a lot worse and more people tend to get allergies nowadays.

The temperature of the weather is higher than past years and the level of carbon dioxide in the air is higher than ever. These inevitable changes influence the appearance of allergies that tend to become worse and worse. A lot of individuals worldwide suffer from a typical pollen allergy. As there is more and more pollen in the air, people that suffer from this type of allergy have a much more difficult time going through it, especially during spring.  A famous American allergist, Richard Weber, cited a couple of studies that were administered on three different continents.

These studies were made to show people how the weather and the climate changes we are experiencing have a strong effect on our allergies. In England, accurately 385 flowering plants were being analyzed because they were flowering earlier than they are usually supposed to be. In America, the pollen comes out earlier than it should be, and apart from that, there is generally a bigger pollen production. Scientists said that pollen production is increased somewhere between 61 to 90 percent, and that means that there is a significantly huge amount of pollen outside and it is causing more and more allergies in people. Individuals that got used to suffering from allergies in spring, especially in April and May, said that now, they were experiencing some allergy reactions in winter. Some of the plants that usually go through the process of pollination in April are now pollinating like crazy even before spring season has officially started.


Because of the weather and climate changes, people that suffer from various types of allergies are noticing stronger symptoms that are worsening as time passes by. In order to find out what is the culprit behind the occurrence of your allergies, you must get them tested by a specialist that is working in the field of allergies. An allergo tests can be very useful for people that are not sure what is causing all those changes and reactions in their body.

Doctors have given firm advice to people who suffer from pollen allergy. They have said that individuals that are experiencing pollen allergy symptoms should start taking their meds earlier in order to try and prevent weakening of their immune system. They have also said that people that suffer from pollen allergy should go out earlier in the morning because weed pollens are generally at a much higher level in the afternoon.

Also, it is of great importance to sleep with your windows closed. Sometimes, weed pollens can circulate through the air and make you feel the same allergy symptoms you are experiencing on a daily basis. However, if you follow these instructions, you will be able to get a good night sleep.

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Written by Jasmina Langley

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