Soybeans – Weapon against Cancer

One of the best ways to fight cancer is through a constant, healthy diet. Soybeans, the beans that are used to make tofu are also well known for their ability to help in the battle with cancer. American researchers that have developed a study based on soybeans and their substances that help cancer patients found out that the peptides in the soybeans are favorable in order to stop the constant growing of cancer in the colon, liver or lungs.

The researchers have found out that a high concentration of soybeans act as a blockage for cancer. They have shown the overwhelming results in order to show people across the world that sometimes, preventing cancer from destroying your body can be through natural ingredients. The peptides in the soybeans stopped the fast growth of cancer in the colon are for 73 percent, and they have also stopped the rapid growth of cancer in the cancer in the liver are for 70 percent and cancer in the lungs for 68 percent.

Apart from the very much needed consumption of soybeans, there are some other ways to fight cancer through your diet. In a couple of studies in England and The Netherlands, doctors came up with some interesting information. People that consumed dietary or cereal fiber could prevent colorectal cancer from happening in the future. Also, individuals that are very careful with their diet and eat bigger quantities of whole grains daily had a lower risk of developing colorectal cancer. By consuming whole grains, they had lowered their risk for at least 20 percent. Another way to prevent colorectal cancer is by taking aspirin every day.


You have a 30 percent lower chance of developing this disease if you consume aspirin daily. Also, the researchers came up with some other fascinating results. It turns out that patients that are already diagnosed with cancer but are taking aspirin daily have a 23 percent lower chance of dying than other patients that are not consuming aspirin on a daily basis.

Another intriguing study was a study published in a medical journal called Molecular Nutrition and Food Research. The researchers did the tests on laboratory rats. This research has proven that the mice that were exposed to cancer cells, weren’t developing as many colon cancer lesions as they would be normally, and this was happening because their diet was highly based on cocoa. The cocoa contains polyphenols, and scientists found out that polyphenols are very effective and useful for battling with persistent cancer cells.

Adding ginger roots to your diet is also very important in order to prevent cancer in the future. When a person is consuming ginger roots, he decreases his chances of developing an inflammation or an infection of the colon, and usually an inflammation of this organ leads to colon cancer. Also, exercise is substantial in order to prevent cancer. Individuals that are exercising daily or playing sports have a lower risk of developing various cancers, such as colorectal cancer.

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