Serovital HGH Review vs. Case Studies

Serovital HGH review show promise for those looking to boost vitality, lose weight and feel young and energetic, but the case studies may say something else all together.  It’s essential to know what you’re taking before you take it, and no matter how much the product claims that it is safe and effective, a little knowledge can go a long way toward helping you reach your overall health goals.

Can you trust the Serovital HGH review you read, or should you be looking at case studies, too?

Can you trust the Serovital HGH review you read, or should you be looking at case studies, too?

What you need to know

The first thing you need to know about Serovital HGH is that it does not contain human growth hormone.  Human growth hormone, or HGH is naturally made by all of us; it is what helps us to stay young, full of endurance, balance the metabolism and boost the body’s natural regenerating powers.  Serovital HGH contains ingredients that can help your body to make more HGH, so you feel younger and healthier overall.

You should also know that, like many supplements out there, Serovital HGH lists the ingredients, but not how much of each ingredient is contained in each individual supplement.  It has been shown that each of the ingredients is safe when taken in the right doses, but many health care providers are concerned about one ingredient in particular:  Argenine.  While safe in the appropriate doses, it does have the potential to cause abdominal bloating, diarrhea, and low blood pressure.

Health care professionals are concerned because the amount of the ingredients in Serovital HGH is not listed, so people cannot know if they are taking too much of it or not.

What case studies say

Many of the case studies of Serovital HGH have been positive.  For many people, this is a way to boost their vitality, burn fat, lose weight and look and feel younger.  But for many others, this product has proven to make them terribly ill.  For instance, one woman has said that, after taking it, she became terribly ill for days.  Her stomach hurt so bad that she was falling over, and she had extreme diarrhea for days.

Another man says that he took it for about a week, only to discover that his blood pressure had plummeted and had to stop taking Serovital HGH.

Negative case studies such as these seem to be almost as common as the positive reviews, so it’s necessary to take a look at both when considering purchasing Serovital HGH.  They can be alarming, especially to those that aren’t sure if they want to spend the money to purchase the supplement.  They can also be quite confusing when you read the many positive reviews out there.

What doctors are saying

Many health care providers aren’t so excited about recommending their patients take an expensive product that hasn’t been proven to be totally safe, so they have recommended that people try the individual supplements of each of the active ingredients to determine if they will see results.  This can offer the same benefits at a much cheaper price, and it allows them to monitor the amount of each supplement that they are taking.

Ultimately, you can only make your decision based on reading the Serovital HGH review and checking out some case studies on your own.

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