Positive Thinking Makes a Better World

A couple of recent studies in The United States have shown how positive thoughts and emotions are related to our health, especially in third world countries. A brand new study was developed on the University of California. One of the researchers, Sarah Pressman, stated that the basic reason why they have created this type of research was because they wanted to find out how all the emotions a human being is capable to feel are connected to his overall health. Our emotions can sometimes be predominant and affect us in ways we could have never imagined them doing it. Pressman has also said that with this research, the team wanted to find out more about emotions and health in people that live in poor countries with low socioeconomic status.

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Some older studies based on emotions and health were also developed in some industrialized nations, but unlike the older studies, this brand, new research takes place at more than one country.  In this study, accurately 150 thousand people were chosen as applicants in 142 countries worldwide. The percentage of male and female applicants was similar- about 52% of the applicants were women and 47% of the applicants were men. Some of the most inherent questions that the applicants received was whether they are feeling happy, sad, depressed, are they in love or are they laughing frequently. Also, the researchers were asking questions such as if the applicants were feeling safe or are they having some peculiar feelings that they are going to get robbed, assaulted, experience breaking into their house by burglars etc.

Apart from that, they have also gathered information about the countries and the GDPs of the countries where the applicants live. The researchers came up with an interesting result. It turns out that even though the Malawian GDP is around 900 hundred dollars, the people from Malawi have a much better and a much more positive relation between their emotions and health than American People that live in the States where the GDP is on such a high level- around 49.800 dollars.


To stop feeling stressed and anxious most of the time, you can try reading a book, drinking coffee or some tea, take a walk outside or run for about thirty minutes etc. Another way to prevent negative thoughts and anxiety is with a bit of gardening. One survey based on stressful jobs had shown that caregiving is one of the most stressful jobs, and about 60% of the people working as caregivers felt much better when they were gardening.

Having a dog around the house is also a great way to feel more energized and less stressed. If it’s allowed, you can bring your dog to work in order to feel much better and have a lot of positive thoughts throughout your day. Reports had shown that people that didn’t bring their dogs to work were feeling a lot more stressed out, tensed and worried than people that brought their dogs at work.

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Written by Jasmina Langley

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