Despite Warnings, America’s Youth Continues To Use Tanning Beds

It seems that despite repeated warnings, America’s youth still uses tanning beds to maintain a year round “healthy” glow.  In fact, it’s an alarming 30 percent of teens and young adults that choose to use tanning beds to attain the bronzed skin of legends.

Despite warnings, teens in America still using tanning beds.

Despite warnings, teens in America still using tanning beds.

The CDC has issued the number in a new report that states that it’s white high school girls who have used tanning beds and booths in the past year.  The number goes up to 40 percent when only 17 year olds are examined, and 44 percent of 18 year olds have used tanning devices in the past year.  Not only that but the CDC says that 17 percent of the girls that have gone tanning admitted that they had used tanning beds or booths at least 10 times in the last year and the highest numbers come out of the Midwest and the South.

Health care professionals are alarmed at these statistics because indoor tanning is never a healthy idea, but new research has found that doing so before the age of 35 has the chance to increase the chance of developing melanoma, which is the severe kind of skin cancer by anywhere between 59 to 75 percent, and it can also increase the risk for other types of skin cancer.

Researchers have said that reducing UV radiation exposure from tanning indoors is an essential way to reduce skin cancer, but for many women and young girls, these numbers simply don’t matter when compared with the glow of a summer tan.

Health care officials feel that parents aren’t doing enough to educate their children about the risks of tanning beds, and doctors need to be sure to explain these risks of using tanning beds to children.

It is also recommended that young girls that want to be tan, but don’t like the look of “fake” tans consider trying body lotions that slowly increase the “tan” and have less chance of causing streaks or an orange color.

Ultimately, this may be another issue of parents preventing their daughters from choosing to use tanning beds by not using them themselves.

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