More Options for Quitting Smoking Cigarettes For Good

alg-cigarette-smoking-jpgWho ever thought that you could stop smoking cigarettes with a cigarette? In recent years, there have been many new advancements is aides to assist smokers with quitting the habit for good. Many treatments include nicotine substitutes or some form a therapy to keep people from going back to smoking once they have quit. These aides can be useful, but this still does not cure the oral fixation a smoker associates with a cigarette. This is why many companies have now created quit smoking cigarettes.

As crazy as it sounds, you can actually kick the habit for good while “smoking”. These cigarettes are electronic, are smokeless and do not contain any nicotine. Many smokers can actually over come the physical addiction to cigarettes, but after still feel the need to shove that cancer stick in their mouth. That’s where these quit smoking cigarettes come in handy. The manufacturers recommend that smokers use a nicotine patch along with these smokeless cigarettes. The cigarette requires no lighting, and does not give off smoke. As soon as the person inhales, a pleasant flavor fills their mouth, not leaving a nasty smoke taste. These quit smoking cigarettes are great because:

  • No cigarette use and no drugs (nicotine) involved
  • They are physician recommended
  • Stimulates the same sensations smoking does
  • In-expensive method that has proven to work
  • Can be used in all non-smoking areas including work offices, homes, restaurants, and any other public place.
  • Is completely safe to use with no side effects
  • Is ideal for ex-smokers who are using a patch or pill form of nicotine substitute.

This method of quitting smoking has proven to be very effective because it deals with the psychological habit of the smoking itself and not just the nicotine addiction. After quitting, one in every three smokers will go back to the disgusting habit at some point in time in their life. This is most likely due to the fact that when they quit, they exclusively dealt with the nicotine addiction alone. Because of this, many people still do not find a way to replace the oral fixation habit they will always have while they are driving, watching t.v., or in a very stressful environment that only feeds that urge more and more.

Nicotine patches and pills will help ease the withdrawals from nicotine, but will not help the actual habit itself. This is why many manufacturers of these quit smoking cigarettes recommend using a nicotine substitute with the cigarette. Withdrawals from nicotine can present in the form of headaches or migraines, dizziness, nausea, nervousness, and gastrointestinal tract problems. With the help of patches and pills, you can decrease your nicotine intake to the point of where you do not need a substitute any longer.

If you are not quite ready to quit smoking yet, these quit smoking cigarettes still may be a worthwhile investment. Every cigarette a person smokes effects the nervous system, respiratory system, and feeds their addiction even more. Every cigarette a person smokes only worsens their health and the habit. This is why quit smoking cigarettes can be used to cut down on how much a person normally smokes. Instead  of smoking one cigarette after another, a person could use the quit smoking cigarette in between cigarettes to satisfy their smoking fix. This lessens the amount the person is smoking without feeling like they are cutting down.

Quit smoking cigarettes have no adverse side effects, do not contain nicotine, and have proven to be a very effective method to assist smokers to quit or cut down on how much they smoke. These smokeless cigarettes can be purchased at many different stores, ordered on-line, and are recommended by many physicians so if you are interested in quitting, there is no better time than now to start.


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Written by Lisa Cramer

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