Studies Show Pets Benefit Seniors in More Ways Than One

pets for seniorsStatistics and studies have shown that when an elder owns a pet they are more inclined to live a longer life-span. Besides a longer life elders and seniors can greatly benefit in other ways by having a pet as a companion. It can help in health recoveries from many traumas and health related elements that can occur. Recovery from illness can be hasted in some scenarios when a senior has a pet. Senior citizens and pets are a very good combination from all perspectives.

Owning a pet allows the senior citizen o love and nurture something, especially in circumstances where senior citizens have lost a spouse and are lonely. There comes a great gratification and sense of being needed for those who have pets. Senior citizens and pets have unconditional love for each other, and the bonds that a senior can have with a pet are undeniable. The senior has a sense of responsibility and gets a higher self-esteem by giving to their pet. It is proven that nurturing a pet can give off natural endorphins that make an individual happier, lower blood pressure, alleviate pain, and decrease heart rate.

Healthier mind and body

Any pet can become a great companion for a senior citizen. To testify to this there are organizations that off services for senior citizens and pets to become united for the sake of both. Not only does the individual benefit from the pet, but the pet benefits for having the care, attention, and home that it needs. A pet can influence the person greatly to exercise such as taking a dog for daily walks. It is also evident in studies that elders are more healthy and active when they own pets.

Pets can assist in some circumstances where the senior is ill. It is surprising the senses that some animals possess. There have been cases where pets have actually saved their owners lives. In the circumstances where a person has had a seizure, their blood sugar was low, and other medical phenomena. Although it is not the only reason that senior citizens and pets are a good option, it is a viable one.

Depression and aging goes hand in hand. It is true that senior citizens and pets can have a positive effect on this aspect. Aging has many factors that can contribute to depression such as the realization of mortality, watching spouses and loved ones pass, and relatives who fall short on companionship. This can lead to major bouts of chronic depression; however a pet can give a person insight, motivation, and purpose to go on with life. Also, a pet can make a senior feel safe and needed.

Friendship and Companionship

The friendship and companionship that is associated with ownership of a pet is clearly one of the best reasons that senior citizens and pets are such a great symbiotic relationship. The value in this alone is what motivates seniors to stay healthy, maintain their life, and recover from illness quicker. Even many physicians and medical professionals recommend seniors to have pets in circumstances where the recovery from an ailment or illness can be possible. Recovering from an illness is often hastened by the senior who feels the need and obligation to care for the pet.

Senior citizens and pets go together like peas and carrots. One needs the other to get the benefits that this life has to offer. It gives the responsibility to the individual which makes them feel needed, and the pet gets the attention, care, and affections that it desires. A pet can give an elderly person the impetus to live life to its fullest and to wake up every morn with the sole purpose of taking care of the animal. For a lonely elder a pet is irreplaceable in what experience it can bring to an old soul’s life.

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Written by Heather Nelson

Heather Nelson graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in journalism. She has an impressive portfolio as her works have been previously featured in several health journals and local newspapers in the Sunshine State. She takes health reporting to a new level with factual relation to what readers want and need to know . Having spent the last decade working all over the Internet as a freelancer writer, she is ecstatic that she has the opportunity to work with the Newhealthalert team to bring the best news, commentary, and information to the public on a global level.

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