Healthy Diet Alert: It Could Lead to Cheating

When you go on a healthy diet, it’s pretty likely that you want to start feeling better, trim down and shed some pounds, right?  But what if someone told you that your healthy diet could cause you to stray in your relationship?  Would you believe it?  According to a recent study at Monmouth University, saying goodbye to your favorite foods could make you more likely to cheat on your partner.

A new study has found that going on a healthy diet could make you more likely to cheat.

A new study has found that going on a healthy diet could make you more likely to cheat.

While it seems pretty strange to say that a healthy diet could cause you to become a cheater, but the authors of the study explain it like this:  when stores of self regulation are drained, you know, like when those delicious cookies sit there begging you to eat them, you are more likely to give in to temptation in other parts of your life.

Sound familiar?  How many times have you gone on a healthy diet and found that you might choose to spend a little more money, or even smoke a cigarette?  The findings are undoubtedly a little worrisome, but you can fight this effect.  All you have to do is keep doing what you’re doing.  So, the longer you fight those cookies, the more likely it is that it will become a habit and that won’t require you to self-regulate.  That means you’ll be less likely to be tempted in other areas.

So, it boils down to making new habits.  Choose one certain goal at a time, such as cutting sweets and pay attention to it until the goal has become a habit.  Don’t add too many goals at one time, because research has found that choosing more than one goal at a time can cause you to be less successful because each goal loses importance.

In the end, while it’s a wonderful thing to go on a healthy diet, be careful how many changes you try to make in your life at one time.  Not only can it cause you to lose sight of your goals, but it also makes you less likely to accomplish any one of them on their own.  Make each new goal a habit and then embrace a new one.  And when it comes to cheating, remember that you’re working to turn your girlfriend or wife on, not drive her away, and you should be fine.

Written by Tony Clark

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