Iowan Grandmother, Susie Kozisek, Gives Birth to Her Daughter’s Twins

HT_susie_kosisek_jef_130813_16x9_992You know your mother really loves you when she carries your twins in her womb for 9 months and gives birth to them too!

53 year old Susie Kozisek from Iowa, performed a true testament of love to her daughter, Ashley Larkin, by acting as the gestational carrier for her twin granddaughters- Hadlee and Hallee (Ashley’s daughters.)

But…this is not the first time that Kozisek served as the gestational carrier to provide her daughter with a child- Kozisek carried Ashley’s first child Harper as well in 2011. Since the first pregnancy went so smoothly, Ashley propositioned her mom to see if she would be willing to undergo the procedures and pregnancy again in order to give Harper a sibling.

Gestational carriers have become quite popular as with surrogates for those who cannot or are unable to carry their own children or become pregnant. Gestational carriers are stand ins that use their healthy uterus’s to house an embryo that is implanted by in-vitro procedures. The embryo is typically the result of harvested sperm and eggs that have been taken from the actual parents or biological donors.

Ashley has a condition that prevents her from being able to get pregnant- known as pulmonary hypertension. And after watching a talk show on others who have become gestational carriers for their daughters, sisters, and friends, Kozisek stated,

“I heard about the procedure on a talk show and decided to check out the possibility of me doing this for them so they could have kids of their own if they wanted, because children are little miracles and blessings.”

The Larkin twins embryos have been frozen since the in-vitro procedure was performed back in 2010 when Ashley’s first child was inseminated in Kozisek. However,  it was when Kozisek was given the green-light for the second pregnancy that she finally underwent in-vitro in November 2012.

Although, Kozisek (53) was out of the age thresh-hold (51) for recommended surrogacy- Dr. Jani Jensen from the Mayo Clinic thoroughly examined Kozisek and gave her the O.K. for following through with the second pregnancy.

Through both pregnancies for her daughter, Kozisek remained in good health and without complications or risks. Of course, for both deliveries her daughter, Ashley Larkin was present to see her mother give birth to all of her daughters.

Mayo Clinic physician, Dr. Jani Jensen stated that these children Kozisek provided for her daughter are,

” A  true testament to the profound love a mother can have for her child. It is an incredible thing that this mother did so her daughter could have children.”


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