Ladies – Worried He’s Not Interested Anymore? It’s Not You

When it comes to sex, it’s normal to worry that your guy’s not interested anymore if his libido seems to plummet suddenly, but it might not be that he’s not interested.  In fact, when you think about it, lots of women experience stress that causes them to not be in the mood, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that men struggle with the same issue, as well.  It just so happens that, as women, we tend to be a little more sensitive than our mates, and that means that we worry more easily.

Ladies, even if it seems he's not interested anymore, it's probably just stress.

Ladies, even if it seems he’s not interested anymore, it’s probably just stress.

So, here’s why you shouldn’t worry:  chances are stress is causing him to be more tired than into your efforts.  Researchers decided to survey people about three months after having a baby and discovered that stress, fatigue and not enough time were some of the more frequently cited reasons that both men and women had low sex drives.

The study was published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine and, although the study specifically focused on post-partum desire, Sari van Anders, PhD and assistant professor of psychology and women’s studies with the University of Michigan, says that the research does offset some of the idea that men always want sex and can be ready anytime .

Sexology Australia recently did a survey that discovered about 16 percent of men that participated only wanted sex about once a month.  Not only that, but nearly half of the men that had experienced a drop in libido mentioned that stress was the cause of it.

Jay Cataldo, who is a dating coach and the author of Get Your Girlfriend Back has said that stress is one of the biggest libido saboteurs that anyone will experience, and a modern lifestyle actually makes things worse.  It seems like there is always some kind of distraction, like when you think you’re in the mood, but then your phone dings with a text and the next thing you know you just don’t feel like it.  It happens to men, too.

Many experts agree that, while stress does play a role in your mood and desire, as well as with your partner’s libido, shutting down the technology and taking the time to reconnect might help to boost some of those desires.

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