The Most Fun You’ve Ever Had Doing a Cardio Workout

If your cardio workout is starting to feel a little lackluster, it might be time to try something new, and this new workout is more fun than you might have imagined – no jumping necessary.   All you have to do is get your hands on a long rope and loop it at the middle around a fixed object and go to town flailing your arms for about 10 minutes.  There is your workout for the day.

The rope workout is the most fun you've ever had doing a cardio workout.

The rope workout is the most fun you’ve ever had doing a cardio workout.

It’s called rope training and it is a high intensity upper body workout that works the shoulders, grip strength and even the core, and it might boost your aerobic endurance as much as sprinting, without the lower body stress of many other workouts.

Researchers at Creighton University and the University of Minnesota in Duluth decided to put this workout to the test and discovered that, on average, the heart rate of about five fit volunteers while doing a 10 minute stint of rope training was about 86 percent of the maximum for their age range.  Not only that, but the participants peaked at about 94 percent of the maximum heart rate for their age.  The results were published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. 

Rope training goes a little something like this:  it works the upper body in a way that frequently done lower body cardio equipment lacks.  There is no break in the action like weight training, and it uses just as much energy to make the rope go up as it does to make it go down a couple of seconds later.

Researchers have said that it’s such a tough workout that it’s almost impossible to maintain the workout for long periods of time like when you’re cycling or running, and they add that it might be too difficult for those that are not used to exercising.  However, since it’s a goof-proof workout, it’s a fantastic way to get started or supplement your current workout routine.

Try a ropes workout at the end of your usual workout for maximum benefits, because it helps to stimulate circulation, which can help to eliminate lactic acid that is built up in the muscles, which can cause pain and soreness later.

Just keep it going for as long as possible, rest for a little bit, and get back to it.  Try to keep going for longer amounts of time and before long, you’ll reach your goal of 10 minutes.

Written by Tony Clark

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