Women Looking for Plastic Surgery Alternatives Receive Illegal Injections with Dangerous Consequences

Some women that are looking for cheap plastic surgery alternatives are receiving illegal injections that have potentially dangerous reactions.  And it appears that it’s becoming more and more common.  In fact, the black market is hot with procedures that claim to be able to make the buttocks bigger, the facial skin firmer and make women look younger, healthier, and  more vivacious.  The problem is that many of these injections involve the use of home improvement grade silicone and are given by people that have absolutely no medical training at all.  No matter why they want these procedures, many women are willing to risk even their lives to have these procedures done.

Both hands and feet had to be amputated after illegal silicone injections cause a a staph infection.

Both hands and feet had to be amputated after illegal silicone injections cause a a staph infection.

In the case of black market buttock injections, there have been reported cases of death in Florida, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New York and Nevada.  In Mississippi, an interior decorator is facing trial for the death of two women that received injections at the woman’s house.

There is not much information about the procedures, or injuries that can occur, but health care professionals and authorities are seeking injuries from injections much more frequently than before.  There are often online forums to set up these procedures, and they are drawing a huge response.

One woman, Apryl Michelle Brown, had black market butt injections because she didn’t want to have a flat butt anymore, but the injection sites became hard, and were excruciatingly painful.  It wasn’t long before she started looking for doctors willing to take the industrial grade silicone, found in home improvement stores, out of her body.  She had surgery in 2011 and got a staph infection that caused her to have to have both of her hands and feet amputated.

The trouble, according to many officials is that illegal injections are becoming more and more common.  The financial gains for people doing the injections are enough to keep people doing them, and as long as there are others willing to be injected, it appears that the trend will continue.  The trouble is that these injections are so potentially deadly, and can leave people maimed for life.

When injections of industrial grade silicone are done in the face, it has the potential to cause nodules that stick out and are like rocks.  According to medical officials, extremely large amounts of silicone can drift, and it can be so hard to remove that many doctors won’t even try to do it.  A large amount of silicone injected into the butt can drift down the leg and cause it to be amputated.  Not only that, but these illegal injections can cause blood clots and infections.

In fact, doctors won’t even do buttocks injections, but they will do buttocks implants and lifts.  The legal procedures aren’t as common as other types of plastic surgeries, but they did amount to over $17 million worth of procedures last year alone.

One woman in Florida that had many different illegal buttocks injections and died from acute and chronic respiratory failure that was caused from the silicone injections.

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