Healthy Habits You Already Have; And How to Keep Them Strong

Lots of us are working to maintain healthy habits, and why wouldn’t we?  Nobody wants to be sick, and nobody wants to die young.  So, many of us are working to make changes to our lifestyles so we can stay healthy long into our 90’s.  There is terrific news, though, and that’s that number of people that live to be 100 years old has shot up like crazy, and that means that many of us are actually healthier than we think.

Your healthy habits may help you live to be as old as 100, and you're actually doing better than you think.

Your healthy habits may help you live to be as old as 100, and you’re actually doing better than you think.

Here are some healthy habits that many of us have, and how to make them work for you:

-          If you love tea, you’re on track for better overall health.  Tea, of any color, is full of antioxidants, and they fight free radicals of all kinds.  So, you can potentially be offsetting much of the damage that your body endures with time.  Green tea is the best, freshly brewed, and without milk, and just one to two cups daily can help you to start doing the heart some good.

-          Walking, just 30 minutes a day can help you to live four times longer than those that don’t walk.  Imagine what a 30 minute walk each day can do for your weight, too.  Get more walk time by going for a walk during your lunch hour, walking the dog after dinner, or parking at the edge of a parking lot.

-          If you tend to eat purple foods; blueberries, grapes and red wine, you’re pumping body healthy polyphenols into your system, and that can do wonders for your health.  They reduce the risk for heart disease and can also help to fight Alzheimer’s disease.  Plus, they keep the blood vessels open, which helps to reduce blood pressure.  Enjoy dark grapes and add lots of blueberries to your breakfast for your daily polyphenol fix.

-          Ladies, strong legs are a plus in this situation because they help you to stay balanced and hold you up, and in the long run, that will help to keep your from falling down and suffering serious injuries later in life.  Keep them strong by doing leg strength exercises a couple of times a week, for healthy, strong legs for life.

-          If you have friends, and enjoy their company, you’re doing something right.  Friends can help to calm stress and make us feel better in general.  Just talking stressful situations out can help us to feel better, and when it’s with a good friend that you can enjoy a laugh with, venting is even better.  Make time for friends at least once a week to help you feel balanced and happy.

These are just a few things you can do to maintain your healthy habits, and keep them going strong.   You might not live to be 100, but you can live a long healthy life with the right habits.

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Written by Lisa Cramer

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