Want to Make More Money? Study Says Have More Sex

A new study found that those that have sex over four times a week tend to make more money, as well as live healthier, happier lives.  The reason?  Experts feel that it has something to do with an increased performance in the office, and that can lead to higher earnings.  The best news is that the age of the people in the study ranged from 26 to 50, so it’s never too late to get started.

A new study shows that more sex may lead to more money at work.

A new study shows that more sex may lead to more money at work.

The author of the study, Nick Drydakis has said that employees that have sex over four times weekly tend to make almost five percent more than those that aren’t having that much weekly sex.  It also appears that they are more emotionally stable, extroverted and less likely to experience arthritis, heart disease and diabetes.

So, it appears that people who spend more time disconnecting from the office and – um – connecting with their significant others are actually better performers at work than those that spend endless hours at the office in hopes of getting that big promotion.

The reason is likely because people need to be able to be loved and love, both non-sexually and sexually.  When these elements are not present, people become lonely, anxious and depressed, and that could have a serious impact on their work life.

The study was published in a report called, “The Effect of Sexual Activity on Wages.”  The study came from an estimated 7,500 surveys of Greek citizens.  Study participants were asked questions regarding their age, sexual orientation, how often they get busy, religion, education, how much money they make and what they do for a living.

Researchers noted that having more intimate time isn’t a sure fire way to get a raise, but when people make more money, it is possible that they will be “in the mood” to have more sex.  In other words, higher wages may also relieve some stress, which could encourage more time for those intimate moments.  Not only that, but it appears that more money could increase how people value themselves, which increases feelings of sexual attractiveness.

Either way, more money may be just another one of the already numerous benefits of enjoying a healthy, active sex life.

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Written by Melissa Krosby

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